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Busy days…

February 09, 06 by Bharani

Slept 7 hours in the past 72 hours. Woke up 3 consecutive nights…Kept away from the blog forecefully for 2 days…

All the assignments, projects and presentations are over today!….Starting tomorrow I can concentrate COMPLETELY on placement efforts. That would be 8 days of effort. Come Saturday (February 18th), the placement begins. The slotting of the companies are done. So, we now know which companies would come on which day…Most of the companies that I am applying to, are coming in Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5. Day 3 features 4 companies that I am applying for. If I am shortlisted for all 4, then it would be one hell of fun and drama :)

I didn’t apply to some companies after some thought. For companies like Diamond cluster and Trilogy which has 2-3 and 3-5 positions respectively, there would be 150+ applications filed!! That’s the level of competition :) Moreover there is a clear indication of what companies are looking for. Diamond Clusters is looking for its India operations and specifically looking for people with Telecom background. Trilogy on the other hand is giving importance to people from Automobile background….

British Telecom came up with a shortlist of 30 candidates (Market information) out of 200(?) odd applications…Already some people were interviewed through telephone for a pre-liminary evaluation.

Till last week, CAS was sending out the shortlist for each companies to everyone in the batch. But now, they are sending the shortlist details only to the relevant person. This is more to my liking…Why should everyone be updated about every other person’s shortlisting details?…and this confidentiality reduces the peer pressure BTW!


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