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Bird’s eye view of self…

July 11, 05 by Bharani

Admissions Task force meeting had full attendance. Around 70 students turned up. The Admission committee showed us the presentation that will be shown to the prospective students in info sessions, in their forthcoming tour. The first impression was good. But there were areas of improvement, so we provided some feedback.

Subsequently, they briefed us on the framework for evaluating students. Each of us will be evaluating 10 applications on an average. Admissions committee’s evaluation will complement this. When evaluating applications we have to be obsolutely impartial, and have to shed our pre-conceived notions and assumptions. As they said, we are evaluating not just an application but also deciding the future of an applicant. So enough measures has been taken to ensure that each application receives full attention. I was quite pleased with the framework. It does evaluate all aspects of application. A single sentence “We don’t eliminate, we select!” sums up the attitude of admissions here. Very Professional.

Watching the presentation brought back the memories of my application days. The thought of studying in ISB, faculty, Peer group, classrooms etc., was very exciting during those months.

But now, I am so much immersed in the work load that I am not able to enjoy my stay here to the full extent. Every now and then, I am going 100 feet higher and trying to see what is happening to a person called Bharani. This is what I observe:

“..He looks very tired. He is not spending time in gymnasium, sports. He has dropped weight. He has changed his hair style to studious look. His time-management schedule that he planned is far from reality. He seems to blabber some new jargons in the day-to-day conversations. He is not calling home often. He is observing the people in ISB very closely and trying to learn from them. He has completely shed his ego and what seems to remain is only his self-respect. But wait….He seems to deal each situation in his life as a case. His thinking pattern seems to be changing course. Economics and business news makes sense to him now. He is slowly dropping his shyness towards girls and doesn’t look down anymore..His listening skill is improving. His concentration span is elongating. He has identified his areas of improvement and working on it…But someone should say to him that he has to continue sharpen his strengths..What is he doing now? Oh! He seems to be writing his blog…God knows what binds hims to that…!”

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