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December 20, 05 by Bharani

Serious Preparations for placements have begun in ISB.

Yesterday, Mr. Pramat Sinha, Principal, McKinsey & Company gave a gyaan session on how to convert interviews into job offers. The talk was a perfect reality check. Good wake-up call to people who haven’t started serious preparations for recruitment.

This is it. Wait and watch some of significant placement achievements that unfolds at ISB.

From the time I reached Hyderabad on sunday night, I have been completely busy. Had 8 hours of class today! Even though, our capacity to tackle demanding situations and to work long hours has enhanced, it’s tiring sometimes and becomes an overdose after certain point. Takes a toll on everyone’s health…though it is seemingly unnoticeable. Many people don’t even bother to eat well, sleep for minimum needed hours, or take some time off their schedules. I wouldn’t blame them, because the situation demands such hard work. The problem with the 23-35 age is that much of the burn-out remains latent. The side-effects shows up late, but it does show up vigorously!

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