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+ Attitude…

February 14, 06 by Bharani

Smile is infectious….Positive attitude and behaviour is infectious….That’s what people around love to see/feel/experience!

Slowly I am inculcating the positive attitude with in me :) True test of the positive attitude will come when I hear/experience disappointing news. Let me see, If I truly possess positive attitude…

Other attributes that I would like to inculcate/nurture…Some of them I feel I possess in minute amounts..so, need not develop from scratch…
– Ruthless determination, focus, will power and courage of Lance armstrong.
– Effervescence and positive attitude
– Serenity (Inner calm and outer calm)
– Humility and simplicity
– Charm (nothing one can do about this..but Inner beauty radiates outside through clean smile)
– Level-headedness and not getting carried away
– Unshakeable moral courage
– Clear thinking and clutter free mind

The list never ends…but these are some of the top of mind attributes that came out…

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