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Additions to ISB Blogosphere…

January 26, 06 by Bharani

ISB Through the lens
“A Pictorial reflection of Life at ISB…”

This is a photo blog from THE PHOTOGRAPHER of ISB Batch 2006. It’s tough to see him without his tiny and compact digital camera. He is also a veteran with SLRs. How many of us can claim to ‘click’ the moment before ‘returning’ some fast serves in volleyball game? He definitely can…He has captured all the moments…moments of people dancing, partying, studying, laughing, eating, drinking, sleeping, and even clicking snaps! Here it is…”ISB through the lens of Vickie the clickie!”

Bobo Writes…

This one is from Vibhu Walia. He was the moderator of ISB-Admits yahoo group for our batch and his was an established name before everyone met at ISB. He is currently pursuing his exchange program in Darden, Virginia along with Shrutkeerthi. He too has decided to capture his journey in the blogosphere…

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