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Activities in Abundance!

June 18, 05 by Bharani

Last two days were parties galore. Thursday night was reserved for Section B Party. Thanks to few enthusiastic people in the class, who pulled off the event. People came with red-colored robes. The night was filled with games, dance and mass dunking. We raided the rooms of our section mates who didn’t make it to the party and took them along for mass dunking. If Thursday night was for Section B, Friday night was reserved for party for entire ISBians. The Graduate Student body (shortly called as GSB) owed us all a treat for winning the elections. This one was on a much larger scale with professional DJ and Professional bartenders. I could here music till the wee hours of morning..

The weekend is packed with lots of readings, case analysis, write-ups and group discussions. This doesn’t mean that there are no activities going around here in ISB. Each day is filled with some speeches, some club activities etc., We had a “SPORTS AND MOVIES” quiz on Saturday…ver well organized. We have great bunch of quizzers here in ISB. One of the main motto of ISBians this year is to beat IIM-A in their home turf, during their B-school event…Should be possible after seeing the quizzing talent here…

We also have Business Technology Club meetings, Finance club meetings, Net Impact meetings, Toastmaster club meetings etc., Recently there was a Golf club started too. Many enthusiastic people have enrolled for Golf-lessons. Main slogan being “it’s a CEO’s game!”. Monday we have the “Foreign language courses” enrollment. 3 courses are being offered French, Spanish and German. A total of 100 hours in the span of 6 months will be allotted for this. Needs a solid committment. Photography club is all set to begin soon…Also, every now and then, we will have guest speaker sessions, with renowned people sharing their experiences with us. Now to spread your energies among so much activities needs prudence and careful time management..Making compromises is very essential.

We are planning to circulate a Section-B magazine. I am one among the editors. All formal and informal stuff will be reported on the magazine.

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