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‘800′ expected for First Information session!

July 30, 05 by Bharani

I am feeling much better after 2 days of rest. Yesterday, I even managed to participate in frisbee tournament. In the evening Dumb charades and a Tamil movie kept me busy.

Tomorrow will be a busy day in ISB. Around 800 prospective applicants are expected to turn up for the first Admission Information session in ISB! That’s a huge number. Admission committee expected 400, but the response is twice as big. Will try to meet some applicants tomorrow along with my colleagues.

The interview for Media Coordinator position is planned tonight. I will be happy if I get the position, even otherwise I will contribute in otherways…

Some of you would have heard about “Asha for Education”, a Charity organization. They organize every year a program called “Work an Hour”.

“….Each year volunteers from around the world come together in a show of great human spirit, to help educate underprivileged children in India. Work An Hour, or WAH, as it is popularly known, is a simple concept. We ask you to symbolically contribute one hour of your time towards the cause of children’s education by donating an hour’s worth of your salary or more. The event symbolically begins on July 4, the American Independence Day, reaches an apex on August 15, the Indian Independence Day, and finally culminates on September 5, which is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India….”

Socially caring individuals can contribute in whatever small ways they can…Even spreading the word will be a great contribution…

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