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4 days to launch….

February 13, 06 by Bharani

How to break into the supreme slotting process that has been almost finalized? Well, there’s an easy way…Offer international placements. Companies that are willing to offer international placements command premium in this part of the B-school…for obvious reasons…$$$

Yesterday, there was a job posting from a Tier-2 (or Tier -3) private software firm, for around 30 odd positions, with abroad promise and decent salary. With only 24 hours given for deciding whether you want to apply, many people applied. The shortlisting was done in flat 8 hours past the deadline. Interview is planned for today….Things happened like a whirlwind….

I too applied…but, have been thinking since then about why I applied? So far I have applied only to 12 positions. This is in stark contrast with few people who have completed their quota of 25 slots and couldn’t apply for firms like Accenture Consulting!

Fortunately or Unfortunately, I am not shortlisted for this company…and this didn’t bother me a bit….I am expecting calls from certain list of companies..I will be worried only if I don’t receive calls from those companies…Many shortlists will be announced in couple of days…

Now, IT people are seriously worried. With 100-150 applications for each position, chances are that only 20% (max) will be shortlisted. And all the shortlists are coming in a single go….So, there is a high chance of overlap and some may never figure in any of the shortlist (God forbid)!

Going back to international placements, there is a catch. With H1-B Visa applications invited and processed only in the later part of the year (around october), chances are that one has to work in Indian division till that time…What will be the salary paid till that time? What will be the work one will do till that time? Once you begin to think, lot of questions pop up…Clarifying these during the interview becomes imperative….

4 days to Day 1….

BTW, wish everyone a very happy valentine day….and special wishes to couples in campus…both married and about-to-be-married :)

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