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25% mark is only two days away…

July 17, 05 by Bharani

It’s been busy 3 days. Lots of studies and preparation. But the experience was much better than before, as I am already exposed to the conditions in Term 1.

Tomorrow we have 2 exams. Global Economics and Competitive Strategy. Day after we have Marketing Decision making and Decision models and optimization.

I just saw the schedule for next term. It’s mind boggling. We have 4 regular subjects. On top of this we have LDP [Leadership Development Program] and we have an elective subject on Entrepreneurial venture. I am planning to take up that elective. If I take that, then effectively I have 6 topics to deal with! Workload in ISB seems to be an exponential growth curve…

During the Term break, we have Competitive Strategy project to finish. So wednesday and Thursday will be dedicated for it. That leaves only 3 days for me to relax. The last day Sunday will go for preparing for first class of Term 3…That leaves only 2 days for full relaxation :-( . I also have to start analyzing and choosing the electives. Before coming to ISB I was planning to major in Finance and Marketing, with minor touch on Enterpreneurship. Now my brain is bit fuzzy after seeing all courses. So should talk with alums during this term break (No better resource than them :-) )

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