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June 21, 05 by Bharani

I really felt like being taught by God, when Prof. Jagmohan Raju taught us today. He stands one cut ahead of others. His introduction about himself was concise. His review on the concepts learned in previous term was succinct and clear. His approach towards the case discussion was very good. He also generated whole lot of interest from students, which I never saw so far here..By the time the class finished, we wanted more..That sums it all!

The unique feature of his class is “Photo cold calling”. He would ask a question and instead of pointing to someone, he displays a photo of the person (randomly chosen) on the screen..That’s an experience…

Tomorrow will be a long-day. We have three classes and a session on MarkStrat software. We also have lot of readings to do for tomorrow’s class.

If you were wondering what the title is, it’s the latest visitor count!

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