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Logo for Prapanjam.

October 30, 05 by Bharani

The name that we gave to our Business venture is ‘Prapanjam’. Prapanjam in Sanskrit means Universe. Knowledge is universe. That’s the idea for naming the venture..S might give a very nice description for choosing this name.

We had to design a logo. So we came with an image above. The justification came later :) Brahma created the universe while he was sitting at the center of a flower. Also, the core of a flower represents the Universe. The soft rose petals surrounding the core represents children. Children are by nature very soft. Our concept (Prapanjam) is dedicated for the children and their values. So that part is justified.

Next, the letters. The letters are not that clear and dark. There is a reason to that! Prapanjam is aimed at providing Value-based and character-based education through workshops. Since values and characters are intangible, the letters have a sense of serene, dull, unclear look. It is there but it is not there…You see!

MBA helps us to provide justification to anything and everything….Never mind!

BTW, I unearthed following two websites which hosts logos of leading brands. If you are a quiz lover, you will love this website, even otherwise it’s an information resource…


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