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Lessons learned.

June 19, 05 by Bharani

Lessons learned : [from my observations during the week]

1. Assumption is the mother of all misunderstandings. Look through the skin.
2. If you are not comfortable about others imposing stuff on you, tell them straight-forward. Be assertive where it is required. A minute is minute for everyone, especially during this intensive year, and that should be respected, if not respected deal that with assertion..
3. Not everyone here are to make friends. Understand the reality and accommodate.
4. Some time I think excellent insights but decide that they are wrong after listening to others. In the end, what I thought actually turns out to be correct. So be confident with opinions.

Sometimes, I observe that people ridicule the actions of some people. Later, the same person who ridiculed will approach the person who was ridiculed and ask for help..that too on the same topic on which he was ridiculed..How ridiculous!!!

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