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Lens for chicken…

July 06, 05 by Bharani

“In late fall 1974, Daniel Garrison, president and chief executive officer of Optical Distortion Inc (ODI) had asked Ronald Olson, marketing vice president, to develop marketing plan for ODI’s new and only product – a contact lens for chickens….”

What the heck? Lens for Chicken!! But alas, we had to look beyond logic, rational, sympathy and emotion to develop a marketing plan for this ‘glorious’ product. During the course of reading and analyzing the case, I learned about Chickens more than I have learnt in my entire life. What is the average life of Hen? How many eggs does it lay? What is broiler (I am a Vegi!)? What is debeaking? etc., BTW, debeaking seems to be a profitable industry too! It was a 15$ million industry in US during 70’s.

This product is one of the excellent examples of human intentions to make quick money, ignoring the harm caused to other life forms!This product was a result of an accidental discovery…You can find more about the Chicken lens here…


Grades of three subjects in Term 1 has been announced so far. I have not done well nor have done bad…Hoping to pull the score marginally in this Term…

The amount of assignments and effort required for assignments is increasing day-by-day. So is our ability to complete those assignments…Have to wait to see who wins the war…Assignment or ISBians?

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