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Eve of 2nd innings @ ISB.

October 16, 05 by Bharani

Eve of the Second innings at ISB…

First innings at ISB has come to an end and so is the long-drawn term break. My first innings was not a dream innings. Learnt a lot though. Planning to maximize the returns in the second innings. Key is ‘focus’. I have trimmed down my activities and focussing only on select few. Ofcourse Career is #1.

I have almost finalized my elective choices given the constraint that I face this term. Managing IT, Rural marketing (Have been reading some cases on rural marketing…seems promising area), Strategy Implementation and Marketing Research. 2 subjects don’t have end-term. All the courses have group projects though. So the term is front-loaded in a way.

2nd round of bidding begins on Tuesday evening.

Suffering from cold and fever. Have been spending time in the room to avoid spreading the disease. However, it looks like many people are already suffering from cold and flu…Seasons don’t changeover silently!

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