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Diary July 27th 2005

July 27, 05 by Bharani

How did I begin Term 3? I overslept! yes, I missed my very first class of Term 3, just because I overslept!! Well, I don’t have any explanations other than a very conducive climate for sleep and possible sleep deprivation.

From day 1 of Term 3, we have zillion readings to be done each day. Only way to beat the race is to read fast! The reading speed seems to be the weakest link for everyone. You are as efficient as your speed of reading. So, I have been trying to increase my reading speed and so far been able to achieve miniscule success…It is success anyway!

I was reading Operations management chapters and Entrepreneurship case till 4:00 a.m. Just as I decided to sleep, I went to kitchen to drink water. I was surprised to hear “Suprabhatham” from my quadie’s room! So I went and enquired “what’s up?”. He said he slept early in the night so he is waking up now…He then informed me about articles to be read for Leadership Development program. A thought ran over my brain. “I have a couple of cases of oversleeping. Should I risk missing morning class? or Should I continue studying and sleep in the evening?”. My conscience answered “Don’t sleep!”. So I started reading this article by Peter F. Drucker – “Managing Oneself”. Amazing article! Nothing out of the world. But, whatever you knew already has been formalized, organized and delivered to you in a new perspective. Now I am set to read another article “How Hardwired is Human Behaviour?” by Nigel Nicholson. I love reading such philosophical or psychological articles.

I have been thinking about couple of posts. One about passion in life and other about…which I am still thinking about!

I am beginning to do lot of reading. I am reading every 2-3 days about one particular Industry in the world. So far I have covered Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Entertainment, Aerospace industry. It’s not a thorough reading, but a general grab on the industry. In order to make these side-tracks in ISB possible, I have to cut short my time in academics. One technique is to read fast. Other technique is to share the workload with Group. And I am lucky to have such a wonderful study group who is cooperative in almost everything…

BTW, I was surprised to see the following comment in website of one of the leading educational counselling firms.

Bharanidharan, a blogger from the Indian School of Business talks about exams (with class by class summaries)! Yes, not all business school students are presently on summer break. The nice thing about this blog is that it has dozens of links to other ISB bloggers who are documenting their journey through the program. A must for those of you considering ISB.

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