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Diary 20th April 2005

April 20, 05 by Bharani

The pre-term in Introductory Accounting is very interesting and addictive. We have been given some homeworks in pre-term too!! Well, lots and lots of questions and doubts in mind..If I take the book, and search for explanations it might take years to find answers..So, I sought the help of my good apartment mate G, who is a CA. He gave some very good insights and, bingo..we were able to solve and understand the balance sheets in a better and much quicker way.

My other apartment mate A, is IT guy, and he is more like me, gadget-lover, calm and reserved. We both worked together to solve the assignments given today. After completing it, we verify it with G, and he will provide more insights. So far so good. I am happy with my quadmates. Waiting for the 4th person .

This time, there are lot of females (around 80) and almost all of them are good-looking. I am not flattering, it’s the reality. The guys are not less in anyway, there are some hot guys around too..Definitely a colourful and brilliant batch.

I met with some of the yahoo group friends and good to meet them in person. I was happy to see my name more familiar amoung fellow admits. Blogs and activity in yahoo groups has helped gain that visibility.

Spent some time in ISB fitness center for the first time. Gym facilities are sufficient. Swimming pool is just 5 feet deep, so I can safely jump and learn swimming. Need to buy swimming trunks soon.

The week-ahead is tightly packed with orientation and lots of presentations. The orientation week will be more fun though. After that, the roller coster ride starts!

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