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250MB for my Hotmail!!

December 04, 04 by Bharani

I was surprised and happy to see 250MB of storage space in one of my hotmail Ids(Yes, I have 4 Hotmail ids :-) ). Right now, I have only 1% of my space filled. This is a welcome feature during this critical application period. No need to worry about cleaning up the space every week.

I guess Microsoft is rolling out the 250MB allocation in phased manner..I was lucky to get it now..Hope everyone else gets it soon..

Hotmail to offer 250MB of free storage
“The upgrade will increase Hotmail’s free e-mail storage limits from 2 megabytes to 250MB and its paid e-mail service, which costs $19.95 a year, from 10MB to 2 gigabytes. The changes will begin in early July.”

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