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July 30, 10 by Bharani

Looks like the art of blogging is slowly eroding! Nevertheless, this is yet another attempt to break the shackles. After spending 3.5 years in Gurgaon – a city where I discovered my new self – I have moved back permanently to Chennai. Infact, I am moving to chennai – my hometown – after roaming around for 8 years.

I have been busy consolidating things at my end. I launched 91mobiles.com – A comprehensive mobile phone portal. I do have high ambitions with the scope and reach of the site. The start has been pretty good. We have been working silently on the background to enrich and structure the database. Loads of interesting features being developed in the background. The coming months will witness a slew of updates from 91mobiles.com. Right now we offer Specifications, Price comparison, Videos, News, Answers, Product Comparison, Upcoming mobiles, Reviews and Dealer information on the site. Mobile Apps Directory, Mobile Classifieds, Mobile Knowledge base are to be rolled out. 91mobiles is clocking around 30,000 page views and 12,000 visitors per day currently. Not bad for a 6 month old site!

I am also trying to relaunch antya.com with a professional and cleaner look. The most important task at my hand right now is to build the team. I have hired two developers and a designer and looking for another top-notch and passionate web programmer. Hoping to find someone soon. Needless to say, hiring IS a BIG challenge. I am willing to persist than to compromise! The content team is also growing alongside – both on the in-house side and on the freelancing side. Since I have a heavy dependence on Content writers, planning to tap on to freelancing communities and may be build my own writers community! Will be trying out Amazon Mechanical Turk shortly. It has potential to satisfy few of my requirements.

Since I am keeping the costs down, I am progressing in a phased manner. Right now, the main focus is on product development and promotion. The objective is to build and promote few online properties, say by spending 2 years. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, will be spreading out to build sales and marketing team. Since advertising and Lead generation being the main revenue streams, it is important to have a good products that can scale, target and convert well.

I would be very interested in meeting with Entrepreneurs in chennai region. Nothing beats stepping out of office and meeting a new person with similar outlook towards life. Just ping me for a coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping to blog within a week…Otherwise, the shackles would be secured again!

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