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February 21, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday, I got my hands to Swades DVD through one of my friend here. I am glad I saw the movie. My first impression was “A movie well made”.

But I hope Ashutosh Gowarikar’s movie doesn’t bring all NRI’s back to India thereby stopping all the forex income for Indian government :-)

Pun aside, the actors in the film have done very well. Some of the scenes are very emotional. I normally will have some tears in my eyes when I see very emotional or sentimental scenes.This film definitely did brought some emotional tears in my eyes..

The scene where Sharukh visits Haridas (a poor tenant of Gayatri joshi’s land) is well brought out. Most of the population in India are in Haridas’s situation. The frame where Sharukh manages to generate electricity through hydro-electric concepts and turbines is pretty gripping. Gayatri Joshi is cute and homely. Her passion for teaching and educating village children is amazing and inspiring.

The comedy in the form of “Mela Ram’s Dhaba” in American highways is pretty clean and appealing. The background score by A.R.Rahman is stunning as usual. The songs are intriguing and have depth in lyrics.

I liked some punch dialogues in the film:

“Habits can be changed, but narrow opinions and beliefs can’t be changed..” [Gayatri says this to sharukh after she denies the groom]

“Every piece of ice is inevitably ordained to melt into it’s own water..” [Fatima a old muslim lady says this to Kaveriamma, when she faces the dilemma..Honestly this is the best line in the film..]

“Our light in the home giving light to neighbour’s house” [Mela ram says this finally to Sharukh]

“NRI == Non-returning Indians!” [Gayatri joshi says to Sharukh while he takes bath]

“The Thirst in my heart alone knows the taste of my tears..” [Haridas tells to Sharukh]

“What is money when compared with the value of human life?” [Kavariamma tells to sharukh]

The scene where they show the film in white screen brought my memories back. In my childhood I use to watch films like that sitting with many people in the open-air..It’s an experience..

If you get an oppurtunity to visit village side and meet some village poor people, do so..You will feel how comfortable and lucky you are to lead your life…One of my distant relatives are very poor and they live in such conditions..I have visited them and talked with them freely sometimes, which many of my other relatives don’t, they have enormous respect for me..It’s not just the money, it’s the care and warmth these people are denied of in the society..

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