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March 11, 05 by Bharani

The Permanent return syndrome has engulfed me. I am seeing each and every object in home, office and my town in Belgium with so much affection that I have never displayed before. As If I am going to space and I will never return!

Yesterday, I pooled in all the coins that had accumulated silently for the past 8 months and was pleasantly surprised to see the figure close to 200 Euros! Hmm.. I didn’t had this in my financial planning, so I am marking this as “Unaccounted income!”.

I get Mealcoupons from my company for every month worth around 120 euros. The coupons are valid for 3 months and expires after that. I never spend more than 70-80 Euros. Over the months I have accumulated huge backlog that I had 3 months of coupons on my hand unused. I had some talks with my colleagues and they agreed to buy them from me. Another unforeseen income of around 300 Euros! It doesn’t end here…We (Me and my colleagues) bought driving theory books when we started the lessons. When my colleagues left Belgium they also left behind these books. I couldn’t throw this away..So I approached my driving school and asked them to retake the books. Surprise! They took it for almost full price..Another unforeseen income of around 80 Euros! Ha ha, I was just pinching myself..

I bought a bicycle from my colleague for around 25 Euros. Now he agreed to take it back for the same price and insisted on paying for it, but I am just taking 10 Euros as a formality. I have dumbbells which was bought for 36 euros (I never used the dumbbells though!). Will sell it for around 20 Euros. That’s it. I will give away the cookers and other unused equipments free to some new guys from Satyam here.

We bought a weighing machine 3 years ago. Each time we go to India we measure the weight of suitcases precisely to avoid any last minute surprises during check-in. I can carry up to 25 kgs in check-in and up 8 kg in cabin without any problems in Lufthansa. Now after years of sincere service, it’s time to leave the weighing machine here, if possible I will sell it to someone here..The weighing machine has serviced number of Indians who came and went back.

Whoever said Money saved is money earned! All together, the unforeseen amount comes to around 600 Euros. I am seriously thinking of buying a Digital camera now..I am waiting to see the final settlement amount from my company (permanent return settlement??). If it meets my expected figure, I will buy a camera from here..Have lots of plan for that..

I am good spender and I have never been so Calculative before..Sometimes you need to display calculative mind where it is required…In this case, I think I didn’t falter :-) This will help my frugality for next one-year..

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