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February 25, 05 by Bharani

I must say about the Tool called LinkedIn. It’s a social networking tool. It’s a network of “TRUSTED” connections. Put in short “It’s a online service helping professionals find and connect with one another more effectively”. You can invite your close colleagues to be part of linkedIn and be part of your network.

Vasanth invited me to LinkedIn way back in 2003. Back then, I just registered and didn’t use it much. Later one day, I started exploring the website and spent one day to invite most of my contacts to LinkedIn and requested them to be part of my network. Out of 100 invitations I sent, 52 have linked with me. I am planning to update my network slowly with new found friends, ISB students etc., You can also ask your colleagues and friends to provide endorsements about your work. The more endorsements you get the better it is when potential recruiters look in your profile.

Somedays back one of the current ISB student invited me to join his network and I was amazed to see that he has around 50 ISB students & alumni in his network [up to 4 degrees]. Some of them are in very good positions like Senior Managers and likes..

Have a tour of linkedin here.


There are other tools in the market like Ryze, Orkut etc., But LinkedIn has better user-interface and as the website says it fits more to the upper-echelon of professionals [Executive level]. Apprentice 2 winner Kelly purdue is also a LinkedIn user!

I am planning to investigate Ryze and Orkut sometime next month. After all, these networking tools are going to be part-and-parcel after MBA.

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