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Good News India

February 28, 05 by Bharani

News from India : of positive action, steely endeavour and quiet triumphs ~ news that is little known


Came across his wonderful website from Chakkarapani’s Post.

“…It is a site run by a one-man-army – a 63 year old Shri D V Sridharan, whose mission is to show-case the heroic efforts of thousands of little known men, women and institutions, while skirting celebrities, politicians and publicity-hunters….” [Chakkarapani]

Many of the stories are truly inspiring, but have been neglected media attention. I am happy that I came across this website and I salute the efforts of Mr. D.V. Sridharan. I am posting this here as a humble contribution towards popularizing the website…My main intention is not to just popularize the website, but to expose these wonderful steely stories to the world..

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