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Diary Feb 26th 2005

February 26, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday, I downloaded Apprentice – 3, Episode 6 and watched. This week’s task was to create an ad for a new PlayStation 2 video game called Gran Turismo 4, a racing game. Each team was given a bare 20 foot wall and a graffiti art conveying the ad had to be drawn on it.

Magna Corp (book smarts) won the task. Networth faced the boarding room. Tara was fired for her poor vision and conceptualization.

Well, Apprentice is going in a predictable fashion, with Book smarts on 3 and Street smarts on 3.

As of me, I am enjoying the show as usual. My initial short-list of 4 candidates [John, Craig, Audrey and Kendra] are still on..So far so good. But Bren looks like one smart and matured guy, so keeping a watch on him. Craig is becoming doubtful…Forthcoming episodes will answer that..

Lesson learnt this week: Art of Listening

The Google adsense is turning out to be a disappointment. At the current rate, I will get my first payment only after 5 years..That should give a clue..Will continue for some more time and then lift if off, if it doesn’t work. Sometimes, it shows Public charity ads(!!). I believe google doesn’t pay for that..

Two days back my parents went to a temple in Thiruvannamalai (A famous Shiva temple). On full moon days, the devotees circle around the mountain (15 kms). The act is called Girivalam (To come in circle). My parents also came around the 15 kms. Since there was a huge crowd, the buses had to stop 2 kms away from temple. So totally they walked nearly 20 kms. My mom has problems in leg and she is only going to aggravate her pain.. I called them up and shouted for doing such things (Well, out of care). As usual my mom say something and I go silent.

Mouth ulcer is still troubling me. Yesterday I almost got fever because of the extreme pain. Today, I feel better.

Planning to watch “Meet the Fockers” tommorrow.

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