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Diary Feb 23rd 2005

February 23, 05 by Bharani

I have been living and breathing in yahoo groups for past 1 month. I have decided to take a break as I feel I am becoming addicted to the forum!

I managed to complete some tasks. I bought some gifts for my recommenders and cards as well. I have completed the draft version of reference letters. Will finalise it and get it approved and signed from my clients and from my director sometime next week.

I am planning to cover some aspects of basic accounting, quantitative methods and statistics, so that I can save some expenses in the pre-term front. But I am finding it difficult to get materials online. Buying any books is out of question as the books are extremely costly in belgium. I will present some links as and when I collect some.

I am suffering from cold and mouth ulcers. It’s very painful and very difficult to speak. So practising ‘mouna vratham’ (silence) currently!

Only a month remains for me in Belgium. Time is flying very fast!!!!

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