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Diary Feb 18th 2005

February 19, 05 by Bharani

The loneliness is slowly killing me…The enthusiasm on the work front is rapidly decreasing as the project is almost complete.

I have planned so many things and still they are not executed. Hoping to see off many things in the weekend. Need to buy some gift to my recommenders. Have to obtain reference letters from workplace and client, which will be helpful in job interviews. Have to book the flight ticket from chennai to hyderabad. Have to contact banks and find out more details regarding loans. Need to start cleaning up my place slowly….

Today, I got my application for google adsense approved. Let’s see if it brings me some pocket money…It’s almost 2:00 a.m and am still awake [Practising for the life ahead in ISB :-) ]..Time to hit bed..

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