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Diary 26th April 2005

April 26, 05 by Bharani

One of the ISB’s flagship course, as part of PGP, is the Leadership Development Programme [shortly called as LDP]. LDP spans 3 terms and will cover all aspects of soft skills like Personality analysis, Listening, Group Dynamics, Presentation Skills, Meeting skills etc., The group discussions will be recorded in video and will be used for improvement and identifying areas of improvement. The course started off with MBTI personality type analysis. I had already blogged about MBTI.

Coming to the academics front, the number of students this year is 27 higher than expected. According to official explanation, the yield has been higher this year [up from 75% to 77%]. Which means, the classroom needs to be fitted with extra seats. A lecture theatre here can hold 80 students. The seating arrangements are also fixed for those 80 students. Due to the increase in strength, around 6-7 extra seats needs to be fitted in each classroom. These seats will not have LAN slots and power slots. In an effort to comfort the students, management has come up with a smart idea. To give away Rs.10,000 to students who volunteer to take those seats. If many people volunteer, the allocation will be done on lot basis! Now there is demand for those seats ;-) ..If I get Rs.10,000 per term extra, then why not opt for those seats!!!

Slowly the sense of community is building among ISB students. There will be strong bonding as the Terms progress.

Nothing much to blog now-a-days..You can follow the fellow blogger’s post to get more details of day-to-day happenings in ISB. We are planning to have a blogger’s meet in ISB. We will brainstorm as to how to effectively channelize the energy and enthusiasm of ISB bloggers, towards increasing the awareness of ISB in India.

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