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Diary 25th April 2004

April 24, 05 by Bharani

The second and final batch of students have registered to ISB. The total number of students this year is around 340. Large number!

I went to Punjakutta, a nearby city on Saturday along with 3 other friends. It’s a decent shopping center and everything is available there. I purchased some stationeries and groceries, and went to a optician to re-check my eyes, as I am having some problems again.

I also signed up for a post-paid cellphone connection from IDEA.

Quite a few alums are in the campus for the orientation week. Everyone is easily approachable and attentive to our questions. The alumnus of ISB is one of the best factors. Everyone is eager to contribute to the school and make ISB a global brand. They rock!! cheers to them..With so many impressive guys in the corporate world, our placement season will be definitely better.

Wild dancing and drinking parties have been organized for yesterday and today. I missed the party yesterday, so went to the party today. Even though I didn’t drink, I Danced wildly for around 1 hour and came back…FUN, FUN, FUN…Now, these parties are yet another distraction that I have to fight with. Striking a balance is the key..

Orientation week starts tommorrow. Leadership development programmes, Team-building activities, Talent shows, Welcome dinner, loads of presentations and Q&A sessions awaits us. The most awaited session is on CAS. Everyone is raring to ask questions about placements during that session. The published statistics doesn’t paint a true picture, so hoping to get an accurate picture soon.

We will be getting access to alumni database soon. Eagerly waiting for that.

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