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Diary 22nd April 2005

April 22, 05 by Bharani

Accounting Pre-terms have come to an end. I really liked the subject. The professor was excellent, knowledgeable and very passionate in teaching.

Played volleyball for sometime in the evening.

People have already started forming groups. The groups are mainly based on some relevance like same company, same college, same place etc., I think each one will be part of a core group, a support group, a group to lean your shoulder on when you are down. You need it.

Today the fourth roommate for our apartment arrived. He is VinGmat, who has 780 in GMAT! He is a blogger as well!

Bought the books required for First term today. Total expense came to around 1500 Rupees. Signed up for ICICI Life time free credit card, with limit of Rs.75,000/=. I will get it in 21 days time.

My digital camera has arrived. It’s Canon A95. I will shoot some shots on the beautiful campus.

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