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October 14, 04 by Bharani

My Progression:

1978 – Entered the world.

1981-1995: Studied in Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School. I can claim myself as one of the very few souls in the world who did his entire schooling in a single school! Whatever I am now, I owe significant portion of that to my school. I still remember some of my teachers who were influential in shaping up my personality and my career. To name a few: Mary teacher (1st – 5th standard English), Sitalakshmi (1st – 5th Science teacher), Gita (1st – 5th Maths teacher), Shoba (6th-8th Maths standard), Arul Devados(9-12,Tamil, amazing teacher), Regi Master (8-10,History & Geography, Charismatic!), Anthony(9-12,Chemisty, great mentor), Sundar rajan (9-12,Computer sciences), Vetril Selvan (Physics)

I am also one of the very fortunate souls who have stayed in a same place since birth. Manali New Town. A MMDA colony started in the year 1977 (Yes, I am nearly as old as my place :) ) The place is 32 kilometers from the chennai city towards the north.

1995 – 1999: Joined one of the premier colleges in Tamil Nadu. Anna University. Chose to major in Mechanical Engineering. These 4 years in my life are simply unforgettable. While the first 2 years of my undergraduation (during which I travelled 5 hours per day! I woke up at 5:00 a.m to make it to the college at 8:30 a.m. and reached home around 9:00 p.m. after the college finished at 5:00 p.m. I still wonder where I got the energy from. Amidst all these, I stood consistently 3rd or 4th in my class!!) taught me the power of persistence and will power, the subsequent 2 years (the years when I spent in hostel) taught me the art of independant living and power of friendship.

1999-Feb 2002: Joined Cognizant Technology Solutions. These 2.5 years was when I learnt all the tricks and fundamentals of Information technology services. Had a stupendous professional career. Stayed in Triplicane mansion (Shortly called as “Bachelor’s paradise…well, it’s a sarcasm!) during most of that period. The typical day began at 7:00 a.m and ended at 1:00 a.m! Well, that’s the life of most Software professionals..isn’t it?

Feb 2002-March 2005: Joined a Belgian Start-up firm. For a person who have never gone beyond Hyderabad, travelling to belgium was quite an experience. Strict vegetarian, Tee-totaller and Quiet personality (a combination not recommended for foreign survival!) in me found difficult to adapt to the conditions. When I returned back from Belgium, I was used to Eggs and Beer. But overall, these 3 years were greatly influential in broadening my perspective. Visited quite a few european countries. Became a gadget-freak! It is during this time that my bonding towards ISB fostered.

April 2005 – till date: Pursuing my MBA at Indian School of Business…It’s been an amazing experience so far…The entire blog stands as a testimony to that..isn’t it :) . So, doesn’t need any elaboration.

April 2006 and beyond:
Lots of interesting things about to happen…Career? Marriage? House? Life style? Own venture? Kids? etc., Hope everything goes on well…:) For now, my focus is on “CAREER”…

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