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Off to Manali for my 2nd Anniversary!

May 04, 09 by Bharani

Spending 5 days away from work, away from PC, away from business and away from internet was much easier than I thought/expected ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, I went to Kullu-Manali along with my wife to celebrate our second successful wedding anniversary! Really enjoyed the trip and did quite a few things including white-water rafting, skiing, trekking, para-gliding, lots of sight-seeing and trying out local food. Should seriously do 2 outings/vacations per year…Now, heart wants to explore the beautiful north…;)

To all my friends…

May 04, 09 by Bharani

Off-late, I have been so engrossed in my pursuit of goals that I have lost touch with my good old pals. It’s not that I dont remember them…Everyday I think about my friends and ruminate over the good-old memories…It’s just that I am making the mistake of not keeping in touch…! The guys who manage to keep in touch with everyone, I seriously need some lessons from you….