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CommonCraft – Explanation in Plain English!

March 31, 08 by Bharani

We produce short videos that make complex subjects easier to understand. does live up to its claim! The Paperwork-based product/concept demonstrations is one of the creative works I have ever seen. Instead of relying on cool flash-based animations or multimedia stuff, these professionals rely on simple paper-drawing based demonstrations. Take a look at the demo created for Twitter.

Customize your Search Result! – Open Approach

March 27, 08 by Bharani

Yahoo is allowing 3rd parties to build and present the search results. What this means is that, A search result can be enriched by 3rd party [other than the site owner and the search engine…doesn’t limit these two players from enriching though]. Read more here.

Google is doing something similar through their “Subscribed links”. This is slightly more sophisticated and tough to explain than Yahoo’s Search Monkey project. Google’s search box is intelligent enough to handle currency conversions, movie timings, stock quotes, cricket scores etc., They call it “One Box”. Now Google allows individual users to add such additional capabilities by subscribing. (like looking up an IP – an example provided by Matt Cutts). The additional capabilities can be built by anyone through “Subscribed links API”. Read more here.

Though both the approaches are similar in concept — allowing search results to be customized through presentation or semantic content — I infer a very minor difference between the two. Yahoo makes the customization/enrichment visible to every yahoo user, whereas Google will make the customizaton/enrichment visible to individual users as per the preferences.

I am fascinated by this concept, which increases the scope of colloboration even further. Will keep a tab!

Winning Mantra from Mahabharata

March 24, 08 by Bharani

Pretty good interpretations ๐Ÿ™‚

I donโ€™t budge just to please somebody else…

March 24, 08 by Bharani

Off late, there is too much emphasis on Execution in corporates, government and social organizations…literally everywhere. Being a man who thrives on execution more than strategizing, I find it very encouraging…:)

Recently I travelled in Delhi Metro and was fascinated by the quality and standards. Even european trains that I have seen fade in comparison with Delhi metro. I was so curious about the way it was executed. E.Sreedharan, the man behind Konkan railway, oversaw the execution of Delhi Metro too. This man simply amazes me! There is so much to learn from him and his works.

2 days back, I came across E.Sreedharan’s interview with Shekar Gupta, NDVT 24×7 walk the talk (way back in 2003) and was spell-bound by his eye for details, straight-forwardness,humility and leadership qualities. Read on…it’s worthwhile

Interview of E.Sreedharan with Shekar Gupta, NDTV 24×7