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People Search!

September 29, 07 by Bharani

I realized that, a leading professional networking platform and, leading social networking site are working towards exposing their respective data through APIs. This is great news to “People Search Engines” like and Till now these engines have been crawling all public urls of Social networking sites, name databases and blogs (technorati does host the details of people behind the registered blogs). Even with the limited information extraction, the quality of search has been good. With the exposure of the data from the social networking sites, the quality of search would improve highly because of rich and structured information available.

Try a search against your name in or


September 26, 07 by Bharani

What I have done to my blog is absolute injustice. A post a week, fortnight or even a month would have been acceptable. Anyways, this time, the lack of posts is not atrributed to busy-schedule, but to lack of ‘ideas’ to ponder and to an extent lack of interest.

I promised to myself at the beginning of the year that I will publish 150 posts…I have hardly published 15 posts. Just 10% of the target! But fortunately the game is not over yet ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately the equation is tough with 3 months to go, I have 135 posts to publish..

Few updates from my side…Have decided to take a break from my career after a long-thought. Now that DWAAR is launched, there is no better logical exit. I will spend 2-3 months before choosing and accepting my next responsibility. As of now, I will try to do things that I wanted to do but couldn’t do…Try my hands at new things, Travel, Fitness, Family, …and of course blogging…

Looking forward for the break in a month’s time.