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More on DWAAR…

June 12, 07 by Bharani is available for public view now, but under “Labs”.

I am handling the “cities” vertical and to an extent “Restaurants” vertical also. Both of these verticals have similar requirement as far as product features and data are concerned. Both of these verticals face common problems too! There are two key aspects of this product that should come out very strongly, but doesn’t: The Search quality (Ability to pull up relevant results intelligently based upon query keywords. The efficiency lies in avoiding both false positives and false negatives!) and the Data Quality.

Though the Search quality is at manageable levels and can be solved in the short-term at technology level, the Data quality still remains an unsolved mystery. Following are some of the major problems that we face with the Data:

1. In-accurate Data. Wrong phone numbers, wrong addresses, wrong names etc.,
2. Mis-classification of Data. Business records being classified in to wrong categories.
3. Lack of Depth: The records does not have enriched information. example: What products are services the businesses offer? What are the special features? etc.,
4. Lack of coverage: There aren’t sufficient records for some categories and cities.
5. In-complete Data. The necessary fields are found missing.
6. Duplication of Data.

Our immediate goal is to rectify the above problems and we are doing it earnestly through various approaches.

The problems that are mentioned above are industry-wide, especially in India. That doesn’t justify the problems that we have in the product, but atleast it gives us a chance to be a differentiated product in this space (with high focus of data quality).

I am so desperate to increase the high-quality data corpus for “local” that I am digitizing the visiting cards of mine and my friends during my free time. Now-a-days, when I go shopping, I don’t forget to collect the visiting card. The businesses/vendors/service providers that I come across will definitely be available in DWAAR in few weeks time ๐Ÿ™‚ Once this data gets in to Production, I don’t even have to worry about missed visiting cards. I just go to DWAAR and search for the information :)…I definitely take care not to digitize personal visiting cards (of working professionals)! If any of you would like to add good businesses/vendors to the database, please ping me (@ bharani at…I will be very grateful to talk with you and for your help.

I envision that “DWAAR” would be the place to go for finding any business and associated contact details for Indians.