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Internal Launch

April 09, 07 by Bharani

The product that we have been working on for past few months, was finally demonstrated to the South African Top management. We call this “Internal Launch”. The reception to the demo was very positive and the team was excited and upbeat.

There are still issues to be sorted out. There are still changes/features to be implemented. But, the product is shaping up well. We will be launching the product shortly as Public Beta. The marketing plans are being charted out. Since this is my first involvement with a commercial internet product, I am excited and looking forward for all the actions.

Commercial-grade Internet Products appear simpler and easier-to-manage from outside. But the amount of Technology involvement is huge! Especially on the Hardware, network, Data centers etc., Excellent Technology Operations team is key to the success of Internet product. Not just that, there are umpteen other issues to be taken care of. Devil is definitely in Details!

Scalability [Ability to accommodate more traffic, more users, more features, more data], Performance [Ability to load pages faster, do transactions faster], Ease of use [Ability to complete the intent with minimal effort and with little learning from end-users], Tolerance to Failure [Fault-tolerance, graceful degradation, Business continuity etc.,] and Discoverability [Ability to be identified by Search Engines (SEO)] are some of the things that should be thought about obligatorily!

The aspect of Business Development in our Product merits scrutiny in-depth. I will dedicate a post for this later.