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Bloggers @ MIH!

March 07, 07 by Bharani

Recently, I got to know a few bloggers within my firm. It’s refreshing to see different type of bloggers around like Entrepreneur, Blogging and community platform product managers, A photo blogger who is a hardcore web graphics designer….Of these 4, 3 have their own registered domain names! Though Karthik does not have his own domain name, he has been blogging for almost 5 years now…

Ruban Phakan [Tidal Brainwave]
Shashwat [I am imified!]
Rahul Razdan [Swadeshe]
Karthik Kannan

There is a common thread among all these 4 people…they are extremely passionate about what they do!

Vertical Search vs Specialty Malls!

March 06, 07 by Bharani

In many ways, Spencer Plaza in Chennai is the first Mall that I visited. It was way back in 1995! Ever since, I have visited many malls in India, Belgium and neighbouring countries. But Gurgaon’s Mall Culture is the best I have seen. There are 15+ Malls in this small town. In fact, there are 7 Malls next to each other within a space of 500 meters! And, there are many more coming up….

Among these all-purpose malls, there are “Specialty malls” that are slowly cropping up across the country. Of all the Specialty Malls, the prominent one is “Gold Souk” . Started by the Aerens Group, this shopping place houses a huge number of global jewellery brands both from India and Abroad. The same group has started “Wedding Souk”, a specialty mall focussed on marriage.

After few searches, I found that a Real estate mall, Interior Decoration mall, Automobile mall, Wellness Mall, “House to Home” Mall and a Furnishing mall are either available or under construction across India. The Real Estate mall will help an individual in buying/selling a house, getting home loans for the house, buying/selling land, getting office spaces and ofcourse assist in furnishing the house (or can redirect to furnishing malls!). The “House to home” Mall will sell construction materials, interiors, furniture, furnishings, landscape elements, art works, home appliances, white goods and insurance facilities. It will also provide the services of architects, Vaastu and Feng Shui experts, contractors, consultants, interior decorators, real estate agents, etc! Quite a vision this is ๐Ÿ™‚

A research study shows that the conversion of footfalls in such specialty malls is around 80-90% compared to 5-10% in all-purpose malls. A mouth-watering stat!

Going by the trend both online and offline, I can foresee Travel Malls, Education Malls, Job Malls, Movie Malls (A bigger giant than Multi-plexes. Can house not just movie-theatres but even DVD rentals, DVD purchases etc.,), Financial products Mall and the list goes on…The fundamenal idea is to group similar products/services together, to provide a great shopping experience for consumers and great infrastructure for shop-owners. If the consumer does not find a product/service of his taste, he can look around for alternatives easily. (He does not have to go through the painful automobile-parking process again :)). Retail Industry is getting organized….big time!

This all-purpose malls and specialty malls can be compared to General Search engines and Vertical Search engines. Though the Vertical Search engines has a niche audience, it will have high conversion rates and high-worth sales!

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