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Inattentional… what??

January 21, 07 by Bharani

Do you think you have amazing concentration levels? Do you think you can never lose your focus? Then let’s test it out…Just click the following link and count how many times the team in white pass the ball to each other. Do not count the passes made by the team in black. Be warned Its not as easy as it sounds…

If you have watched the video…then please read on my comment in the comments section!


January 17, 07 by Bharani

Over the past few weeks, I have been facing this question: “Why MIH?”, “What is MIH?” etc.,

MIH Web Private Limited is a part of MIH Group. MIH is the digital media arm of Naspers, the South African media conglomerate. [Profile in Yahoo Finance]

MIH created a buzz when they acquired Bixee, the first Indian Job Vertical Search Engine. This was the first acquisition in the Indian web 2.0 space. Bixee is a really useful site, as it searches for jobs across all prominent and non-prominent Job portals in India and provides a consolidated view [Federated search]. Along with Bixee, MIH also acquired, a social photo bookmarking site. Pixrat was one of the earliest Indian sites to be featured in TechCrunch. I must admit and warn that Pixrat may not be safe to open at workplace sometimes! [The spam and offensive content problems have come down significantly though] But it has a great value for people who want to bookmark photos when they surf randomly.

MIH currently has few internet products in their portfolio, including, a community platform with strong focus on Blogs and Albums currently. An interesting contest called “Great Indian Blogger Hunt” is currently running…See website for more details.

Our team is currently working on the flagship product of MIH India, which is set to be released in the near future. This will be completely different from all the internet products from MIH india. Watch out this space!…Will be really interesting and USEFUL product for Internet audience.

Coming to the question of Why? Well, it all fits my interests and aspirations. Internet space in India, a start-up, Product management opportunity and a tremendous opportunity to learn about all facets of a business from close quarters. A perfect platform to launch my entrepreneurship journey in a few years time.

Lot of action and progress happening around….Exciting times!


January 11, 07 by Bharani

I quit Convergys on January 5th. I moved to MIH Web Private Limited, based in Gurgaon. Last week at Convergys was very memorable mainly due to great bunch of colleagues over there.

Gurgaon is much colder than I expected. Though the place seems to be very advanced with skyscrapers and mega malls, the local transportation sucks. There are hardly any public transporation or auto-rickshaws. Even the shared auto-rickshawas are few in number and carries full-load of passengers. The only option is cycle-rickshaws or cab services (which are very expensive). Should buy my own vehicle soon!

Work is exciting and I am eagerly looking forward for next few months. Lots of action happening at the work place as few product launches are planned in the near future.

More updates later….

Times Change!

January 05, 07 by Bharani

2 months back….An e-mail from a recruiter to the applicant

Dear XYZ,

We hope you are doing fine!

It was really wonderful to talk with you recently and we appreciate the time you spent with XYZ.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take your candidature further, at the moment. However, your credentials are extremely impressive and we wish to retain your details on our active database. We shall get back to you as soon as another similar opportunity opens up.

We wish you luck in your future endeavors and thank you once again for your interest in XYZ!

3 week back….An email from the same applicant to the same recruiter!

Apologies for the delayed response.

I had a very frank discussion with Mr. XYZ on the other day. I got a clear picture about the role and responsibilities. Though the roles and responsibilities are interesting and the opportunity to work with XYZ is a rare opportunity, I think the role does not cater to my aspirations of Product management as I expect and understand it. So, I will not be interested in further discussions/interviews for this role. This is in the best interest of both of us.

I really appreciate the effort and time that XYZ has spent in trying to find alternate positions for my candidature. I must admit that it was a privilege to discuss with some of the knowledgeable people and best minds in the field.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

with regards,

Though the applicant and the recruiter can be guessed out, it is the “You loose some, you win some” principle of life that I want to highlight here…! In the first case, candidate was rejected for the position he applied for…In the second case, candidate rejected the role that the recruiter was offering…Ultimately, both of them are a case of win-win…As a potential expectation mis-match was avoided..:) It’s absolutely important to manage disappointments in life…as disappointments are mostly time-bound and partly our own ignorance-bound! Too much gyaan…huh? Chalo…My next post will capture some interesting things that have happened in my life…!