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Year 2006 – A reflection

December 31, 06 by Bharani

I have transformed into one of the laziest bloggers around. This was least expected considering the fact that I bought my own domain name and web-space in the hopes of contributing regularly! Anyway, new year is the ‘logical point’ to turn such bad things around! I hope I can do justice to my investment, to my hobby…So let me use the opportunity to summarize things to break the ice. [BTW, this happens to be the 50th post in my new space :)]

Year 2006:

* Successful completion of PGP from Indian School of Business.
* Beginning my Post-MBA career with Convergys.
* Getting my hands on Nokia N-91 phone! Thanks to my brother.
* Buying my own domain name []
* Getting an offer for Senior product manager position from a south african internet subsidiary in India @ Gurgaon. The greatest encouragement I received during the job hunt was the brand value of ISB. If one is very career-oriented and focussed, growth is going to be fast…as well as steady!
* Got back in touch with few school-time friends. Thanks to Orkut.
* Visit to Akshardham. Yes, that visit was special to me.

* Falling ill for 10-days due to ChikunGunya.
* Rejection from Microsoft for Program management (It’s a good thing in the hindsight). It’s still in my memory because I placed high stakes for the job and prepared a lot.
* Death of few good people that I know very well.

Wish-list 2007:
* Exploring North India.
* Learning and developing Investment skills.
* Contribute 150+ posts in the blog.
* Learning Product management in depth.
* Participate in a Social venture.
* Exercise regularly.
* Wear a Smile in the face for atleast 25% of time in the year, uniformly spread:) Yeah, uniformly spread both on the face and through out the year!
* Support Indian team throughout the ICC world-cup. No matter how bad they perform….:)
* Nurture compassion and politeness in self.

I wish everyone a fantastic year ahead…..I would like to share a quote that I read recently to take forward to year 2007…

We ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for good; so find we profit
By losing our prayers.

– William Shakespeare tells us that we fail to realize that whatever happens is for our benefit.

Twinkle Twinkle…!

December 19, 06 by Bharani

A silent afternoon…People were busy with their respective work…All one could hear was the keyboard sounds….Suddenly, this ringtone starts playing in a colleague’s mobile…Everyone in the floor stood up and looked towards the direction from where the sound was originating…ofcourse with a big grin ear-to-ear!

I am sure there would be hundreds of such variations…but I simply love this ringtone ..I would never set this as my ringtone though ๐Ÿ™‚

Divine abode of God…

December 11, 06 by Bharani

Last week has been very hectic, but very satisfying week in many aspects. 3 Flight trips in a span of 4 days turned out to be tougher than I expected!

The weekend was well spent. I attended the marriage of Abhinav @ delhi. It was interesting to witness different marriage tradition, staying at groom’s house. The marriage was very well planned out and organized. Food was awesome ;). Met few ISB colleagues and made some new friends. I wish Abhinav a very happy married life…After all he has been waiting for this event for more than 3 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

Something surprising happened that was not in my initial plan. A visit to “Akshardham”. I came to know about this temple when I was at ISB. I wanted to visit this place very badly, as it looked amazingly beautiful in photographs. Since Abhinav’s house was just 2-3 kms from Akshardham, I set aside half-a-day to visit the place. I didn’t have company, but that did not deter me from the trip. The place is just BEAUTIFUL..and DIVINE. Such a wonderful monument constructed just in 5 years is unbelievable. The grand scale and the intricate details is mind-blowing. Each and every structure in this place has the grace of god. A MUST VISIT! Please visit the website for more details.

No Entry fee to this place. But there are certain exhibition halls which are charged @ Rs.125/- for the entry. I would say the charge is justified for the animatronics, professionally-made documentary and a enriching boat-ride. Just make sure that you stay in the place during the day and while the night falls out. The place supposedly looks much more beautiful in the night. I could not stay back till evening. Also, leave all your electronic equipments at home (including mobile phones). They are strictly not allowed. In case you took them with you, the cloak room could be used to safely deposit it.

Akshardham definitely has invoked the lost spirituality in me…and I found peace of mind.

I found it strange that some of my Delhi friends haven’t visited this place yet…Proximity tones down the significance, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Akshardham Photogallery

iPhone vs N-Pod!

December 04, 06 by Bharani

Apple iPhones vs Nokia N-series

One a trendsetter in music. The other a trendsetter in mobile phones. As soon as the magic word of convergence caught up with the industry, Nokia decided to integrate high-quality music capability to mobile sets. Nokia n-series is a fantastic testament to the sound quality that Nokia can conjure up. ‘Arguably’, the sound quality is as good as that of Apple iPod.

Reacting to the industry trend, Apple decided to add mobile capability to iPod and promptly kicked off ‘iPod cell phone initiative’. It is addressed as Apple iPhone. In fact, there are messages floating around in the net about the two versions of iPhone about to be released.

However, I am wondering about the core capabilities here. Will Apple measure up to Nokia’s mobile capabilities as much as Nokia measured up to Apple’s audio capabilities? My gut feeling says ‘No’….Will watch it over anyway!