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Happy Wedding Anniversary….

August 31, 06 by Bharani

It’s been 29 years…29 awesome, wonderful years…
My dear Mom and Dad, Wish you many many more anniversaries…
My mom was ill on her birthday…She cried due to the discomfort and suffering…She is better now…
My dad fell ill on the eve of Anniversary…A very rare event…him falling ill…feeling marginally better now…
Both birthday and anniversary turned out to be a very sober event…Pretty bad month for my family with illness all around…Hope things turn around as new month dawns tomorrow…

August 2006…I will never forget it!

BlogDay – August 31st!

August 31, 06 by Bharani

Learnt from Kiruba’s blog that it is BlogDay today. One is supposed to write about 5 blogs that he/she likes. I am going to make some leeway writing about 7 blogs! Here goes my list…

Vasanth Dharmaraj’s Blog:
A Techno-freak, I can say. He loves technology more than anybody else in this lot. He will be one of the first-time purchasers for electronic gadgets (Innovators in MBA parlance). He writes about his passion like programming, gadgets, F1, X-box and much more. The longest existing blog in this lot and probably the only one who has his own domain name for very long time.

Ramki’s Blog:
Ramki is a Hard-core techie with years of experience in Telecom related software and hardware. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, Sports (Football and cricket) and movies. Lot of potential. [Management graduate from ISB]

Ramkumar’s Blog:
A trained Mirudangam artist who weaves magic with his 10 fingers. He is from Chip design background and he writes about carnatic music (The most comprehensive in carnatic music arguably) and his life. Do check out his diary about ISB life. [Management graduate from ISB]

Girish Krishnan’s Blog:
A typical software professional with MBA. My flatmate. He writes about Technology, Web 2.0, MBA nuggets and watch out for his occasional well-researched articles. Humorous blog in this lot…[Management graduate from ISB]

Vijay Mulbagal’s Blog:
The most experienced person in this list. A banker by profession in the past and management consultant now. Avid reader. He writes about MBA, Career [Consulting], books etc., Has very good command over language. [Management graduate from ISB]

IndianBlogger’ Blog:
The second oldest blog in this lot. Currently pursuing his MBA in Queen’s university, Canada. He writes about his MBA life @ queen’s university. Great information gatherer. Very informative blog and focusses mostly on business related news and posts. Very under-rated blog…Deserves more visibility.

Bipin Nambiar’s Blog:
My ex-employer’s blog. An Entrepreneur by heart and by life. He shares his wisdom through his space. He also shares his experiences in Europe.

There seems a significant focus on Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship in the above list!

Idea Arbitrage 2.0!

August 30, 06 by Bharani

I wanted to dig out a nice blog which talks about new internet-based businesses that are sprouting throughout the world everyday. I am glad I did not have to spend much time…as there are two prominent blogs already addressing this need . TechCrunch, the pioneer in this area and WebYantra, a result of an “idea arbitrage”. For next few days, I am going to catch up with these 2 blogs.

“…TechCrunch, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we will profile existing companies that are making an impact on the new web space…”

“…WebYantra is a tech blog that profiles Indian web products and services. It is ‘ground zero’ for Indian web startups, ecommerce websites and internet based businesses……

Webyantra will encompass all the Web2.0 jazz that you lust for – socialweb, mashups, aggregators, filters, RSS, web communities, user generated content et al…It is also about current technology trends like the mobile web, mobile communities, VOIP, SAAS, agile web development, AJAX, et al…Not to leave about pre Web 2.0 stuff like internet search technologies, online payment systems, contextual internet advertising, web services, web browsers etc., etc.,…with an Indian Flavour

The post published by JonathanBoutelle on Webyantra was very insightful. Some snippets from his blog:

“…Many of the Indian Startup companies are simply based on idea arbitrage..”

“…Most Indian tech bloggers seem to be suffering from a Silicon Valley fixation. Check out and you’ll find full of google, yahoo, flickr, youtube etc.,…”

“…But then where is the attempt to initiate a dialogue to improve Indian web products? I am yet to find a single Indian forum that addresses this malaise…”

The “Idea Arbitrage” is a very easy way out to rapidly ramp up a web 2.0 company! Just keep watching the silicon valley and customize it to India. The talent lies in identifying the matching pairs! 

Money saved is Money earned!

August 29, 06 by Bharani

Once in a while, I go into crazy introspection…Today, I was thinking about the money that I could save, if only I looked at the following items.

1. Transportation: I spend on an average Rs.50 to Rs.60 per day for auto-rickshaw. There is a shuttle service provided by the company. Yet, I utilize the shuttle service only one way. If only I utilizie the service both ways, I can save Rs.1100-1250 per month!

2. Dinner: My firm provides the dinner free of cost and the quality is good. Keeping the food cost at Rs.50 on an average, I could save again Rs.1000-1100 per month! Yet, I take food at home (and I have to manage crisis most of the time, as I reach home late!!) or go out for restaurants…

3. Telephone calls: I make telephone calls to local friends from my mobile. I end up spending Rs.10-20 per day on an average. If only I use the office phones, I can save Rs.200-450 per month!

In total, I could save Rs.2300-2800 per month (and works out to Rs.33000+ per year)! But, I forego this potential savings in the name of convenience and flexibility. My opportunity cost for convenience and flexibility (just in the 3 areas mentioned) is Rs.33000 per year!!

I am planning to buy X-box and some games when it is released in India this Diwali. If I compare the X-box with “Convenience and flexibility”, it motivates me to forego the convenience and flexibility 😉

Happy Birthday Mom!

August 29, 06 by Bharani

Wish you many happy returns of the day Mom. I love you Mom…You are the best….

Compete with God for a job?

August 28, 06 by Bharani

There is a yahoo groups for all ISB alums to share MBA and business related job postings. Some of the job offers that are communicated in the forum are so attractive that it makes your tongue salivate involuntarily. Anyway, I will reserve the post about some interesting job offers for later…

While I was browsing through the messages, I ran into a small one-man firm called HRNext, started by a person called Anurag Shrivastava. He has served in senior HR positions at various companies. He has placed advertisements for management and non-management positions in his website. Take a look…You just might find something to your taste! The man seems to be well-networked…and his vision is simple and neat..

An advertisement for Product manager position read like this..”If gods ever descended to the earth, they would have to compete for this..”! Now how many ads begin like that? I kind of liked the beginning…It makes one take notice…So I read the job description completely..

Generally, Product Manager roles @ companies like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP etc. are considered as good positions for MBA graduates with technology inclination. But the job description makes it sound so technical that some MBAs might just turn away… Just have some patience and read the next job posting in the same page…”Business Product manager”. The description of that job is quite attractive. It gives the B-school grads a sense of fulfillment! Very polished and filled with lot of jargons and covers virtually all the subjects that one has studied during the program. In my opinion, both jobs are quite similar in profiles…It’s just the way the job is projected that is different…

What does a Product manager do?
Develop compelling products while working with a world class engineering team and the business sense to drive local product goals and strategies. Understand product needs , develop product specs , document specs , develop engineering plans to launch/ship , develop technical implementation plans with engineering, incorporate customer feedback into final shipped product and longer term goals and strategies for the product line.

What does a Business Product manager do?
As Business Product Manager, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution for serving access providers, device manufacturers, and other distribution partners in India. This is a leadership role that combines entrepreneurship, strategy formulation, product management, solutions engineering, and project management.You will identify key market trends that are shaping users’ ability to access provisioned services, and work with sales and engineering teams, as well as external partners, to develop partner-focused products and solutions. You will also manage a cross-functional team of engineering, marketing, sales, legal, finance and support functions to launch these products and solutions successfully into the marketplace. In addition, you will interact with strategic partners and be required to understand their business objectives, and present product and business strategy to senior executives at these organizations.

Since I am assuming the role of Product Manager currently, I can correlate with lot of things that are being said here. The stakes are different at different firms. A Product manager role @ Google does not necessarily put you in high stakes situation. A Product manager in a start-up firm does not necessarily mean low stakes. A lot depends on the technology one works for (What is the business potential? What is the ‘ecology’ for the ‘technology’? Who are your customers? Who are your partners? Break-through technology or plain-vanilla-remorphed-into-strawberry technology?). Also, Product manager cannot escape/insulate-himself from technicalities in the job…Just be little careful with what is being said, keep aside the hype surrounding the message and analyse calmly…Then take a decision…For people with inclination towards technology and business, Product management positions are very good…But understanding the job requirements completely is equally important.

Top 100!

August 28, 06 by Bharani

BlogStreet Top 100

My old blog “” was ranked 57th in BlogStreet India (among 4101 blogs). My ISB colleague Vijay’s blog was ranked 62nd and ISB Colloborative blog was ranked 64th. Good to see ISB blogs in top list 🙂

BlogStreet Top 100
The cached link

…in the Top 100!

August 28, 06 by Bharani

I was surprised to see my blog in the “Blogstreet Top 100″ list :) My blog was ranked 57th out of possible 4101 blogs…not bad..BlogStreet has authorized the Top 100 blogs to place the following image in their blogs…


I feel sad that I have to build this value all over again with my new URL…:(

August 27, 06 by Bharani

As I was skimming through the Business Today and Business World magazines, one
thing caught my attention: The entrepreneurial revolution of sorts happening in India currently, especially on the technology front. The steep rise in the investments received from some of the world’s best VC is a clear indication of the business opportunities, conducive climate, confidence, ideas, talent and entrepreneurial spirit that is abundant in India.

Well…one such internet start-up that I came across is bangalore-based, India’s first online movie rental service. The business model is traditional. Free-delivery, Free-pickup…only change is in the commodity being delivered..Not pizzas..but DVDs/VCDs. But the twist given to the business model is interesting. You can keep the DVD as long as you want which potentially eliminates any late charges..That’s cool…Moreover they deliver two movies at a time.

How about the collection of movies? They have an awesome collection of movies, numbering to almost 10,000 titles and spanning 9 languages.

How about the cost? There is a one-time registration Fee of Rs.499/= and a refundable deposit fee of Rs.999/=. Two plans are on offer today. The Basic plan costs you Rs.199 every month and allows you to borrow 4 movies per month. The Unlimited plan costs you Rs.549 every month and puts no restriction on the number of borrowings. So it works out to Rs.50/ per DVD in the basic plan. If you are a movie aficionado who can watch a movie per day, then the Unlimited plan is a boon (Works out to Rs.18 per DVD)

The marketing gimmick they employ is called “FREE FOR SIX”: You refer 6 friends to join the service and you get movies for free…for ever! Depends on the well-known “Network effect”.

Currently the service is available only in Bangalore. (How I envy the guys living in Bangalore?). Waiting for the day when this service hits Hyderabad…!

Similar services:

Eight Below

August 26, 06 by Bharani

My flatmate purchased the VCD of this movie recently. I read the Synopsis behind the VCD cover and I convinced myself that this is a movie worth watching and moreover it falls into my interest of “Inspirational movies”. The actual movie overwhelmed me more than I anticipated. The movie is based on a true story about a Sledge dog trainer and his eight sledge dogs. The protagonist is a part of the antartic expedition team. Due to unexpected circumstances, he is forced to leave behind his 8 loyal and brilliant dogs to survive on their own in the brutal Antartic weather. His intention is to come back and rescue the dogs as soon as he can. But it takes him 6 months to manage a comeback to Antartica as no transportation is possible during the 6 cold winter months to Antartica. The story is about how the dogs survive on their own withstanding the extreme conditions. The story is about the determination of the trainer to go back to rescue his dogs….Worth watching. Truly inspirational.

IMDB: Eight below