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4 days to launch….

February 13, 06 by Bharani

How to break into the supreme slotting process that has been almost finalized? Well, there’s an easy way…Offer international placements. Companies that are willing to offer international placements command premium in this part of the B-school…for obvious reasons…$$$

Yesterday, there was a job posting from a Tier-2 (or Tier -3) private software firm, for around 30 odd positions, with abroad promise and decent salary. With only 24 hours given for deciding whether you want to apply, many people applied. The shortlisting was done in flat 8 hours past the deadline. Interview is planned for today….Things happened like a whirlwind….

I too applied…but, have been thinking since then about why I applied? So far I have applied only to 12 positions. This is in stark contrast with few people who have completed their quota of 25 slots and couldn’t apply for firms like Accenture Consulting!

Fortunately or Unfortunately, I am not shortlisted for this company…and this didn’t bother me a bit….I am expecting calls from certain list of companies..I will be worried only if I don’t receive calls from those companies…Many shortlists will be announced in couple of days…

Now, IT people are seriously worried. With 100-150 applications for each position, chances are that only 20% (max) will be shortlisted. And all the shortlists are coming in a single go….So, there is a high chance of overlap and some may never figure in any of the shortlist (God forbid)!

Going back to international placements, there is a catch. With H1-B Visa applications invited and processed only in the later part of the year (around october), chances are that one has to work in Indian division till that time…What will be the salary paid till that time? What will be the work one will do till that time? Once you begin to think, lot of questions pop up…Clarifying these during the interview becomes imperative….

4 days to Day 1….

BTW, wish everyone a very happy valentine day….and special wishes to couples in campus…both married and about-to-be-married :)

World for someone!

February 12, 06 by Bharani

‘Rang de Basanti’ was a good experience. Going to city, watching movie and subsequent shopping in the evening was relaxing…I was locked within ISB campus for around 2 months!

I am far from being sincere towards placement preparations. Even though I am doing some sort of preparations all day, I feel like I am not doing much! I can feel a huge ‘void’ in my preparation, though I am not sure what it is…I just hope I don’t fall inside that!

Yesterday, I accompanied one of my good friend for shopping. His parents also accompanied us. The reaction of all parents towards our [guys in our age group] shopping patterns is same :) My dad use to say “For this Rs.800, I can buy good quality clothes and stich 3-4 shirts”. Sometimes, even I wonder if I am paying too much for my laziness…if I am blindly paying for the brand…Actually, If I spend some quality time doing “Search comparison”, I can definitely find a good deal..But who has the time for all these? We end up paying more in the name of convenience…

Subsequent to that, we took an auto for reaching a restaurant…We negotiated Rs.20 for the ride. The auto-wala had to travel little extra to reach the destination…So my friend’s dad gave him Rs.5 more and was mentioning me, “We pay without even thinking 800, 1000 rupees for brand in good-looking shops, but we think twice for paying to poor auto-rickshaws…”. I agreed, atleast to this particular case.

We have a tendency to enforce our power only upon people who are less influential/powerful than us..or people whom you take for granted…

PS: I saw the quote somewhere today. I used to have this quote as my signature in office.

“For the world you are someone. But for someone you are the world”!

Very good….isn’t it…If I am able to make the life of atleast one individual in the world better, then I can say I achieved success…

okie…back to placement prep!

Rang de Basanti….

February 10, 06 by Bharani

Hi Everyone,

With the festivities of the ISB day celebrations, Christmas, New Year’s eve, ID and Sankranti over…….here’s something to keep the fun going!

We invite you to an EXCLUSIVE SCREENING of the latest blockbuster ‘Rang De Basanti’ at the Prasad’s theatre, necklace road, for the ISB community . We have the show on only for us from the ISB!

So please accept our invitation for you and your family (you+spouse+children only & for those who are single: you+partner only) and let us ‘Rang’ Prasads with the ISB colour at 2.00-5.00 pm on Saturday, 11 February 2005. It would be great if you could come with an ISB T-Shirt on for the show (let there be a show of camaraderie, both on and off the screen!)

We have 350 seats blocked for us which would be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis (can’t help it :-) ). So please hurry and send in your acceptance with the number of persons accompanying you, to me. Please try and send in your responses by the end of the day (helps us to plan better!), else latest by 12.00 noon tomorrow.

You could collect your tickets+coupons (tickets+coke+pop corn, on the house!) from me after 4.00 pm tomorrow.

– ISB Admin.

Initiative well-timed! and the ticket is on the house!!

Busy days…

February 09, 06 by Bharani

Slept 7 hours in the past 72 hours. Woke up 3 consecutive nights…Kept away from the blog forecefully for 2 days…

All the assignments, projects and presentations are over today!….Starting tomorrow I can concentrate COMPLETELY on placement efforts. That would be 8 days of effort. Come Saturday (February 18th), the placement begins. The slotting of the companies are done. So, we now know which companies would come on which day…Most of the companies that I am applying to, are coming in Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5. Day 3 features 4 companies that I am applying for. If I am shortlisted for all 4, then it would be one hell of fun and drama :)

I didn’t apply to some companies after some thought. For companies like Diamond cluster and Trilogy which has 2-3 and 3-5 positions respectively, there would be 150+ applications filed!! That’s the level of competition :) Moreover there is a clear indication of what companies are looking for. Diamond Clusters is looking for its India operations and specifically looking for people with Telecom background. Trilogy on the other hand is giving importance to people from Automobile background….

British Telecom came up with a shortlist of 30 candidates (Market information) out of 200(?) odd applications…Already some people were interviewed through telephone for a pre-liminary evaluation.

Till last week, CAS was sending out the shortlist for each companies to everyone in the batch. But now, they are sending the shortlist details only to the relevant person. This is more to my liking…Why should everyone be updated about every other person’s shortlisting details?…and this confidentiality reduces the peer pressure BTW!


Posts on Telecom

February 06, 06 by Bharani

Ramki’s blog has some highly relevent stuff on Telecom Industry. He has done a great job in writing those summaries…

‘genuine’ Dilemma?

February 06, 06 by Bharani

I wanted my personality to be reflected in my blog(Bharani’s blog)…and not my blog to reflect as my personality (like being called as Blog Bharani or people remembering about blog as soon as they see me!) I fear that the latter is becoming a reality….I am not sure if this is an area of concern…but definitely in the long run I would like the former to happen….This is a dilemma every blogger goes through…how do other bloggers feel about this? any opinions?

Two views:

February 04, 06 by Bharani

Abstraction of my learnings:

You belong to a community. You find many good things and a few bad things about the community. Overall, you are very much satisfied, so you have something ‘nice’ to say about the community to others. And you share the ‘bad’ things with your community so that they think about it and do something constructive about it. They take positive actions to eliminate the imperfections, and you are more satisfied and everything ends up in a positive cycle.

You belong to a community. You find good things and bad things. You bitch about the community to the outerworld. You praise about the community to community members. Basically, you do good neither to the outer world nor to the community. It is nothing less than back-biting! Definitely not good in a long-run…

First scenario is ‘constructive’, second scenario is ‘destructive’!

Open question… Is ‘not saying things’ same as ‘lying’?

ISBians driving the economy?

February 03, 06 by Bharani

3rd Feb, Friday

18:00 p.m: I check the Airdeccan ticket prices from Hyderabad to Chennai on April 9th. It shows Rs.500/=. Call my parents to confirm if they will join me for graduation day and if I can go ahead and book the tickets.

18:30 p.m.: My parents get back to me and ask me to hold for some more time for getting a confirmation from my brother. I refresh the page, the price this time shows Rs. 771! I urge them saying that prices have changed and that I am going ahead with the booking.

18:40 p.m.: I Get a confirmation. But, Network becomes very slow. After some moments, manage to get the reservation page. This time the price shows Rs. 980/=. Not willing to take more risk, I booked the tickets.

18:45 p.m.: I check back the prices for curiosity and the price this time shows as Rs.1829!!!!

We received an email from ISB saying that everyone should positively vacate the campus by April 9th, 2:00 p.m.. There are quite a few chennaites in campus. Probably they are driving the demand? Anyway, I was able to witness the ‘dynamic’ nature of ‘dynafare’ in action today!

Anyway, the title is bit far-fetched…;)

Professor of the year – Core Terms!

February 03, 06 by Bharani

Prof. Krishna B Kumar won the “Best Professor the year – Core terms” for the second consecutive year. Great job! He deserves the honour for the way he won the hearts and minds of the students…

Recently, we had a student poll to identify the “Best Professor the year – Core terms 2006″. It was a tough call to single out one professor for most of us, considering the quality of professors we had during the core terms.

The following was my initial shortlist:

1. Mark Finn (Financial Accounting)

2. Richard Waterman and Robert Stine (Statistics)

3. Jagmohan Raju (Marketing Decision making)

4. Anjani Jain (Decision models and optimization)

5. Krishna Kumar (Global Economics)

6. Subramanyam A (Investment Analysis)

Narrowed down to two choices between Anjani Jain and Krishna Kumar. I finally voted to Krishna Kumar. Hearty congratulations to him…Another polling is due for “Elective terms” which will see the likes of Nirmal Gupta, Sreenivas Kamma, Dishan Kamdar compete for the crown…

Yesterday we received an email regarding Graduation day details, logistic details regarding accomodation for visitors, last day to evacuate(!) the campus et al….Hmm…Time is flying so fast….Hardly 60 days remaining…


February 02, 06 by Bharani

We had a very fruitful placement practice session, except for last few moments. Something happened that was very funny! Very funny!…It is long time since I laughed so much…that my stomach ached and face blushed so much! When I listened to the recording, the laughing has magnified…:)