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December 11, 05 by Bharani

My team thoroughly enjoyed competing in LABYRINTH. Each and every clues were fun solving. Some clues we cracked in 20-30 minutes. Some clues we spent almost 2 hours! Some clues we couldn’t crack (Iridium Satellites!!).

We had our final rounds today. The very first clue flummoxed us. But we simply bulldozered the second clue, third clue and the important TREASURE TROVE. We cracked the TREASURE TROVE in flat 27 minutes. That means, we had a time bonus of 120 minutes – 27 minutes = 93 minutes [translates to 93 points]!. I don’t think any other team would have got the TREASURE TROVE that fast!. But we had tough time with 1st, 4th and 5th clues. At the end of the session we were sure that all our answers were right. We had our own logic and it fitted the clue…But alas, we got 3 of them wrong. I don’t think we will make it to the final 3. But it was PURE FUN…never saw the entire team productive and highly energetic for the entire 2 hours duration…


December 09, 05 by Bharani

Drank Beer for the First time in ISB today. I had tried Beer and Wine previously. Didn’t like, so left it. But today, I wanted to loosen up so badly that I decided to go to the Party thrown for alumns who have come to ISB for Solstice. After seeing people in high energy and All my friends with Beer, decided to try the Beer again. Taste was as usual disgusting! After 2 Beers, got the interest to Dance too. Had good fun. I was shaking hands with whomever I met! was it the Beer effect? But I am COMPLETELY RELAXED now :)

Had my first one-on-one resume session. On contrary to what I expected, the CAS team mentioned that my resume is definitely in the top 5-10% (in terms of conveying the message) of what they have seen so far this year! Not bad for what I expected…Got some really good feedback and direction from them. I have received many useful feedback from friends in ISB and friends outside ISB. Will incorporate them soon.

One of my friend mentioned about the rumour he heard about me. I said to myself, “Who cares!”. Gossipmongers starving for fresh stuff need something to ruminate, so why worry about that :)

Ok..Long weekend ahead…will catch some sleep.


December 07, 05 by Bharani

I think I will get Class Participation marks in PRICING :) . In the last 4 days, within 10-15 mins of each class, Prof has managed to look towards me and say “Bharani, Can you say……why….what….how…blah?”. Then I go “Blah…Blah…Blah…Blah…”! Today in the beginning of the class, he said “Who hasn’t been active in this class so far?”…For once I didn’t raise my hands, confidently! That’s because, professor has managed to engage me forcefully and keep in me active in conversation in each class!!!

He signals subtly to the TA, if someone doesn’t answer his question. For example, he was asking one person, “Can you tell us what’s the case is about?”…and he goes..”Sorry prof, I didn’t had time to read…”. Then he looks at TA, with his smile still fixated on his face, and nods and continue saying…”That doesn’t sound good…”. I look at TA and see him obediently marking something on the seating layout chart that he carries with him always.. That’s pricing class for you :)

But the subject is good. Quant oriented, Marketing gyaan, little bit of conjoint, and other tools…

On the other day, one of the ISB Alum, who is temporarily serving as TA, asked me, “Bharani, You remain silent in the class..why so…But you write so well in your blogs…contrasting”. I go…”I am not motivated to speak in class..”…that wasn’t my brain answering, it was heart! I will let a secret out…Whenever prof asks some questions, I try to write down the thoughts in a sheet of paper…most of the time, it would be same as what prof expects…still wouldn’t speak…let me count how many times I would have spoken in class…On an average, 4-5 comments per term..that’s it!

I am an Introvert by nature. I am comfortable at one-to-one interactions or small group setting..But not quite comfortable in a large group setting…Even in my past work experience, I am not visible among my colleagues in the beginning. But as time goes on, I gained great popularity within the team, mainly through actions and one-to-one rapport building.

Over the past few months in ISB, I have had overload of humbling experiences. Academics, extra-curriculars, leadership, interpersonal relationships, career focus…now I have reached a saturation level…

ISB provides an environment which brings the best out of some people and worst out of some people…I have a long list of people in ISB whom I admire a lot..Should dedicate some posts for them sometime..But there is a risk of forgetting to mention someone…

What about people in ISB that I don’t like…well, for a diplomatic person like me, there aren’t many enemies…:) Even if there are, I will try to forget the ‘unpleasant’ experiences soon…Whoosh…what did I actually intend to post??? again the problem of not filtering the thoughts through brain…

Busy again….

December 04, 05 by Bharani

Was awake for last 48 hours with just 2-3 hours sleep in between. Managed to complete 2 assignments, 1 Case Analysis, 1 negotiation analysis, 1 Text reading, 1 Consulting interview preparation, 1-2 hours resume stuff, 1-2 hours of focus group activities, and some more freebies :)

Now, I will catch sleep for 10 hours. Have classes only in the afternoon.

I have 3 classes on Tuesday, 1 assignment to complete and readings to do for each class. Need to do focus group activities before my next focus group meeting. I should compensate for NUS-Cerebration stuff, as I missed the meeting today. So long afternoon & (night) ahead tomorrow…I owe CCMA some quality attention…when? will squeeze some time…

The following weekend will be Solstice. So have to foresee some ‘time loss’ there! And have to leave to chennai for 3 days the week after that…and have to plan for contingencies…And I have to find time for brushing up fundamentals, improving ‘negotiation’ skills, updating current knowledge etc.,

Hmm…only 3 more months of this crazy life…and then, I will never ever , NEVER EVER slog in life like this…burn-out is simply too much!!!

Rain…Rain…Go away!

December 04, 05 by Bharani

After Mumbai, it’s the turn of Chennai now…Yes, Chennai is heavily flooded! My home in chennai is slowly getting drowned in the flood!! Heavy rain – not appearing to stop in the near future and overflowing reservoirs are the culprits…Luckily, electricity is still not disconnected in my town, where even a slightest of drizzle will somehow magically disconnect the power supply! According to my mom, who called me in the morning, water level was rising very fast…Hopefully rain gods will show some mercy!

Few months back, chennai city was crying for water…now it is there…in abundance!

Effective usage of blogs!

December 03, 05 by Bharani

Management Consulting jobs are the most sought after jobs in B-school. ISB is no exception. There are some souls in ISB who have been working day and night towards getting a job in McKinsey, BCG et al, since Day 1!

One such Consulting Club member (Yashraj Erande, who also happens to be among the cream of ISB:) ) has started a blog to capture his journey towards the dream placement.
“..The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone current on the progress various teams have been making in their journey towards the coveted ‘big-ticket’ consulting firm. This blog is meant to be a collaborative effort…”

The Consulting Club president – Rohit Kapoor, also has started his own blog…