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Losing interest..??

November 30, 05 by Bharani

It’s just 3 days in to Term 6 and people are already running around with loads of assignments! I went to drop my PRICING assignment and I saw atleast 6-7 submission boxes, one for each subject!!!! Never seen such an army of submission boxes before…Wish I took my camera along!

By all probability, this will be the last ‘academic’ term. From next term on, everyone will take ‘light’ courses and shift their focus completely towards career.

As of me, after a major confusion of whether to go for 5 subjects or 4 subjects, decided to stick with 5. I like all the subjects that I have bid for..Only concern being the workload. Anyway, no looking back now. Will sail through this term somehow…The professors are all good. Pricing prof belongs to old-school. Very slow but steady. Cold calls!! Outsourcing prof is an ex-McKinsey guy, from law background, and is very articulative…Very tall too :) Marketing Metrics prof is just like Scott Ward. You know what I mean…Entertaining class. Corporate mergers and acquisitions prof is quite knowledgeable. But poor me finding it difficult to follow all the jargons. Need to catch up…The class is concept-heavy. Looks like there will be lot of take-aways from each class…Time will answer. Business performance management is a good course. Professor shook hands with each and every student before the class began!! Nice gesture…but quite cumbersome, considering 60 odd hands to shake…The first class hasn’t made much impact…hoping to extract more in further classes.

Another headache with elective terms is group formation. Each subject has different study groups. Quite difficult to keep track.

Placed order for a business suit today. I don’t have a complete suit yet. Keeping in mind the placements, this might be the right time to get it stitched.

My interest towards blogging is waning for the past few days. Motivating myself hard. Once you blog for sometime, Blogging becomes a habit. But once you break away from that habit, very difficult to get back the mode…

Biswajit Das Article on rediff…

November 29, 05 by Bharani

Some days back I mentioned that Indianblogger’s article will be published in local dailies..Now, it is featured in rediff…in the main page since this afternoon…Cool!!! Way to go dude…

Term 6 begins…

November 28, 05 by Bharani

Confusion…Confusion…Confusion….I wish I am crystal clear sometimes…But that’s not easy isn’t it? I really salute people who are able to take clear decisions in life, all the time.

Judgement, Ability to make compromises, Ability to prioritize, Ability to Focus…If I have all these right now, I will feel like a COMPLETE man.

For past few days, I am getting interested in HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY. It’s absolutely wonderful to observe people, mannerisms, draw patterns from their behaviours and guess their responses, etc., See didn’t I know that I am a person who develops new interests every second?? Hmmm…

BTW, we got the floodlights for our volleyball court. It’s awesome to play in night…We had yellow flashlights before. Now we have bright white halogen lights..Cool..

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Dogs, Frogs and tremors…

November 23, 05 by Bharani

These 3 things have caught my attention in the recent past!

Till Sometime before, there were loads and loads of frogs jumping around in ISB. The quads in ground floor became the house of frogs sometimes, as they came in through the open windows…annoying! Lucky me, got the first floor…The frog-hating person in me vanished after exposure to numerous frogs..I even did a mini-research by placing my foot repeatedly near the frogs..and I found that frogs always invariably jumped away from me…So, human beings don’t have to walk away from frogs, because frogs does that job for us! But all of a sudden there is a decrease in frog population..wonder what happened to those poor little creatures??

Second, the tremors..Next to ISB, there is a rocky region, where rock explosions are conducted daily. Sometimes you hear a loud noise, sometimes less…But you could always feel the shock! The doors and the glass-windows vibrate…For some reason, the effect is magnified in the class rooms…On the other day, there was such a powerful shock that even the professor was aghast…He said, “Whoo…that was powerful”. I hope ISB has implemented earthquake protection measures while constructing ISB :) …we have been feeling these mild shocks on a day-to-day basis…

Third one is quite interesting. I never saw a dog in ISB campus till a month ago. And then comes a dog..quite street-side! For some reason it seems to like SV2 I block! After few days, another dog joins the old one. This one much bigger…You could see them chasing each other all day…For past 3-days these two dogs have been sleeping in the verandah before my quad. They keep staring at the opposite quad, where ladies live…Every now and then, one of them will come out and say “Shoo…Shoo!” and then it goes away..moments later, the dogs come back and sit in the same place and start staring…:) Was funny! Today, they were not around…

I was coming back from library around 2:30 a.m. I saw a third one, a new one! Roaming around freely in the beautiful lawns of ISB…Hmm, did ISB ‘recruit’ those dogs one for each student village? or they are just trespassers, waiting to be thrown out…

BTW, I managed to complete all of my assignments except one, the big daddy, Vulnerability analysis for Rural marketing course…Have been reading loads and loads of articles on Agriculture, Fertilizers, Organic farming etc., Interesting…but am not going to stretch it for long…

Take Home…But don’t forget to return back!

November 21, 05 by Bharani

It’s been 5 days since I wrote last the entry. Let me make an assorted entry!

Had a battle with my PC for most part of the day. My system has been slowing down rapidly, throwing some weird pop-ups and the Disk-busy icon was always on! Cleaned up the virus, defragmented the disk and registry, organized the files, transferred some files to CD and uninstalled unused applications. Planning to backup the important files in the next 2 days.

Nothing much happened during these 4 days. I have been making slow and steady progress towards my write-ups. I am expecting most of the work to be complete by Wednesday night.

In the take-home context, I mentioned to one of my colleague, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. He replied back, “I don’t know about that, but the grass is definitely lush green on your side”!

It’s a kind of overdose for me, when people repeatedly point out to the fact that I don’t have any timed-exams [In Lunch, In Dinner, In Quads!!!]. I was explaining to them it is not fun to have take-homes..But after some time, began to psyche them out, by lending DVDs, reading non-academic books :) There are always two sides…either you take the pressure or let others take the pressure…!!

Enough of take-homes! I got all the courses that I bid for Term-6. In fact, I got luckier and spent only 1 point for 2 courses. I am taking the following courses:

1. Pricing
2. Marketing Metrics
3. Business Performance Management
4. Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
5. Outsourcing and IT-Based Business

I have also finalized the groups for all the courses except Pricing.

One of my very close friend, who studied with me for 4 years in Engineering, who worked with me for nearly 6 years, is getting married in December. I would like to attend his reception atleast. Not sure about the schedule and workload in next term. So need to take a call on that front…

I attended couple of telephonic interviews for ISB Admissions. Quality of applicants is good. Tough task ahead of admission committee in finalizing the selection!

BTW, have a look at the following article posted by Indian Blogger. The article highlights 5 key lessons that an IT engineer can learn from the rejuvenated Indian Cricket team. His article will be published in some local dailies shortly! Good stuff IndianBlogger…

Courses, Term – 5.

November 16, 05 by Bharani

Rural marketing:

Learnt stats and hard facts about Rural India. Read the book “Everyone loves a good drought”. Listened to well-prepared presentations of my colleagues on various aspects like Credit card for Rural India, Media for Rural India, Rural Entrepreneurship, Healthcare in Rural India, Summary of a Rural Visit [Day-to-day real facts]. Prepared [still preparing] aVulnerability Analysis on Agriculture industry. Listened to practical gyaan from Prof. Harish Bijoor. He has spent quality time marketing to Rural India. He knows thoroughly what Rural is, How much potential lie within Rural India.

But one disappointment to me is that there were not many case studies on successful Rural marketing. There were moments of brilliant insights in the class. He is a great speaker. Excellent communicator. Has the ability to keep the audience engaged even for a vague topic. Unfortunately he didn’t have much of content to offer us. We had few cases like Dabur, Himalaya Drug Company, But nothing much was discussed about those cases. It was just a reading. If there is one thing that happened in the class, it’s the enrichment of ‘Social responsibility’ in us. This course brought us closer to some hard-to-believe realities. I have this sense of urge to do constructive work to Rural India, somewhere down the line.

Knowledge Management:

The course began with two key questions in mind. How to encourage employees to share knowledge? How to encourage employees to reuse existing knowledge? There were peripheral questions like, How to foster knowledge creation and knowledge sharing in the same environment? How to replicate knowledge at mass-level (Copy-cat)?.

Learnt about few frameworks on knowledge management [Boisot’s I-space model, Framework for Organizational integration, Nonaka’s knowledge spiral]. Read dozen HBR articles on Knowledge management, Stories about knowledge management in firms, some ways to overcome the challenges in managing knowledge. Listened to presentations on experiences of my colleagues in managing knowledge in their firms. Listened to CKO, Mr. Raghunath of Wipro, about KM in Wipro.

Prof. Mani Subramani taught us this subject (He is teaching for the first time in ISB). He also took the ‘Managing IT’ for us. He is a very knowledgeable person. One will appreciate his knowledge and subject expertise when he/she interacts with him one on one…His expectations from the students are quite different from what students are expecting from him. He wants each of us to reflect the readings/concepts on our past experience. It took quite a while for many of us to understand the importance of that. But inclusion of more cases in the course will help the learning. Due to the vagueness and still-evolving nature of the subject, it’s very difficult to benchmark this course with other courses.

But at the end of the course, the questions that we began the course with, still remains unanswered. The reason: There is no prescriptive solutions available. There are only descriptive solutions available. Finally it boils down to our JUDGEMENT.

Managing IT:

The course exposed to us key technologies available in today’s world, which the firms can harness effectively to maximize the value. We dealt briefly about ERP, CRM, DataWarehousing, RFID, EAI etc., and about IT governance, Knowledge management, IT infrastructure management and IT-enabled Business transformation.

Again, listened to the presentations of my colleagues on their experiences with various technologies and how they applied the technology to create value for firms.

Loads of HBR readings were suggested. I haven’t read few articles yet. Planning to complete the reading soon. Couple of case-studies were also involved [one about Enterprise integration in Cisco and other about CRM in RBC Bank].

One take-away that I can think of about this course is that it gave us an opportunity to think about technology solutions from client’s perspective and not from IT services perspective. Looking the technology from other person’s shoes changes our perspective big time.

Negotiation Analysis:

Undoubtedly, the STAR subject of the TERM. This course was entertaining and of high practical value. Prof. Dishan Kamdar is a highly energetic person. His passion, distinctive accent, chubby personality, approach to the subject won the respect of the students.

The coursepack had excellent articles on “Negotiation”. The interesting part about this course is the role-play. Every session was filled with some form of role-play [Individual negotiations, dispute management, Multi-party negotiation, Inter-group negotiation, Ethics in Negotiation etc.,]. Also showed us video on ‘12-angry men’ and ‘American Dream -union negotiation’. At the end of the course, he gave us another coursepack with 12-15 ‘all-time best HBR & MIT articles’. According to him, It’s a memorabilia to students.

Won Bloggers Park Contest – IIMI Indore!

November 15, 05 by Bharani

Bloggers Park Results:

Rank Institute Participant Prize Money
1 ISB Bharanidharan V 2000
1 IIM Ahmedabad Ravi Venkatesh 2000
1 SPJIMR Seema Ramachandra 2000

The prize money has been split among 3 people. Around 20 participants sent in their entries…Hmm, my flight trip to chennai is sponsored now :)

Blog for Poseidon 2005…

November 15, 05 by Bharani

We have launched a blog for ‘Poseidon-2005, ISB’. It will capture ‘behind-the-scenes’ of Poseidon, description of events, updates about event, interesting stories about Poseidon and the list goes on and on…We just want to make sure that this event is a grand success…not leaving any stones unturned :)

Google Analytics.

November 15, 05 by Bharani

Google has introduced “Google Analytics”, a sophisticated statistics tool for websites. This is what Google has to say about this…

“Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors…”

I have registered today. I will be able to view first set of statistics in 12 hours time…

Go register yourself…Google Analytics

Health Care Summit @ ISB.

November 14, 05 by Bharani

ISB is gearing up to host the largest healthcare event by any business school in south asia. This unique event brings together the major players of the Healthcare and Pharma industry under one roof as these sectors are emerging as important industries in the Indian subcontinent. Participants at the Summit will have the opportunity to listen to CEOs of premiere Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies

This one day event is open to all top & middle level managers from Pharma & biotech, IT analysts, IT consultants, Software Developers, Business School Students, researchers, cross functional managers and professionals connected with the Healthcare & Pharma industry.

Event Details: November 26th 2005, 9:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m at ISB Campus.

You can register at the following link: Registration is FREE!

Kindly spread the message…by mailing to your friends or posting an entry in your blog about this event. Thanks