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Horrors of war…Request to fellow bloggers.

August 31, 05 by Bharani

Pasting from Sumit Dhar’s blog

Close your eyes and think of someone very close to you. Now imagine someone:

– Piercing this person’s ears with hot rods
– Puncturing this person’s eyes, gouging them out
– Inflicting burns on his body using cigarettes
– Breaking his bones and teeth
– And after torturing him in this brutal fashion for over 22 days, shooting him dead.

This is what the Pakistani army did to Lt. Saurabh Kalia of the 4th JAT Regiment of the Indian Army during the Kargil war. Imagine the plight of the old parents of this young man who received his body in such a state, imagine their rage and helplessness.

We talk so much about the power of the blogosphere. What use is that power if we can not help these parents by raising this issue so that it is heard by International Human Rights Organisations? We have seen instances of main stream media in the US championing issues that were raised by bloggers. Why not in India?

I am making this post with a very clear intent. I want all those who read this post to please raise this issue on their blogs. I realize, making a general appeal like that and expecting others to post will not work. Very specifically, I would like you to raise it on your blog and make two of your friends responsible for publishing it on their blogs. If everyone does that, geometric progression will take care of spreading it to all blogs in the Indian Blogosphere.

If nothing else, just sign the online petition of Lt. Saurabh Kalia’s father.

Online Petition by Lt. Saurabh Kalia’s father
Geocities Page on Lt. Saurabh Kalia

Rediff Article on Lt. Saurabh Kalia

Dilip D’Souza’s Post

Original link

Fellow ISB Bloggers…Please spread the word. Let’s harness the power of blog.

Vijay, Amit, Raghini, Ramki, Ramkumar, Ankur, Nishnt, Girish, Prameet, Chandrashekar, Parveen, Ravi, Karthik Ramachandran, Karthik Ganesan, Vaibhav, Sandeep, Suneetha, Ruchir, Haywire blog, Vineet, Sridhar and many others whom I left…And Indianblogger, metal, Sobee, Sankha…See if you guys can post this stuff in your blog…Thanks.

Term 3…behind us!

August 30, 05 by Bharani

I did OK on both the exams today. I didn’t enjoy the Entrepreneurship examination though…First of all, it’s like essay writing. I hate writing pages on examinations [Not about thought flow, but about pain in writing]. Second, I was damn tired that I was yawning throughout the examination. Somehow scrapped through…I allotted 2 pages per question and tried to be as concise as possible. Atleast it will make the job of TA’s who correct the paper bit easier…

I am leaving to chennai in another hour. It’s been 4.5 months since I came here. I am looking forward for a nice break. Will be back on Monday morning. Travelling by train after many many years…2 of my friends are joining me. I booked tickets on Sleeper class…Let’s see how the experience turns out to be…


August 29, 05 by Bharani

Placed a timer on top of my web page. Not an act of counting the chickens before they are hatched…But a gentle reminder to myself that number of days in ISB is not perpetual…and that I have to make use of my investment much more prudently…Sort of self-psyche! ;-)

2 down…2 to go…

August 29, 05 by Bharani

Today’s performance was way beyond my expectations. The minimum the preparation the better the examination experience . May be because of the “nothing to lose” attitude…2 down..2 to go! Many alums were mentioning that Term 3 is the toughest of all terms, due to the quality of subjects and quantity of subjects [I took up PAEV on top of the 5 courses offered this term..]. I would like to add “Bhagwan” to that list here :-)

So in a way I am happy that life will only get better in ISB from 4th term on…

Term 3 – Exams.

August 28, 05 by Bharani

Last 72 hours went in a flash. Exam time again! Average preparation. I just managed to scrap through as much materials as possible. Breadth is fine, but depth is lacking! I just want to see through 2 days of exams ]3+3+3+2.5 = 11.5 hours of examination!!].

Unlike previous terms, I managed to play squash during the pre-exam weekend. Followed the glorious game of England vs Australia closely. Watched films [2 Tamil films and Lagaan]. Am I very relaxed because there is no hope to cover the materials or Am I relaxed because I realized that there is no point slogging for grades month after month? I am not sure…but this schedule sure feels much better.

I downloaded quite a few Tamil movie albums. Somehow all the songs have become very difficult to distinguish from each other. But “Ah Aah” songs are rhytmic and has nice beats. A.R.R has come up with his magic after a long gap of 1 year in Tamil movie industry..Other film was “Ghajini”, composed by Harris Jayaraj…Harris jayaraj seems to have a set of templates..all his songs feel similar. Hmm…think am blabbering…Will atleast catch some sleep before tomorrow’s examination…I need to prepare a cheat sheet for MADM before sleep [as though I am going to use it!. Icarry cheat sheets for each exam, but never look at them…then why carry? just a safety-factor!]…

T-shirt days!

August 25, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday Section-D had their T-shirt day. With that all the sections have celebrated their T-shirt days.

Below are the human chain representing the section names. With approximately 90 students per section we have 4 sections this year. In future years ISB is planning to increase the strength to 550. By then, we would be having addition 2-3 sections! A till F!!!

At the risk of creating excitement, can readers rate which human chain is best and which t-shirt logo is best?

Section Human chains:

Section-T shirts logos:

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I like Bharani because ….

August 24, 05 by Bharani

Today Mr.Rajeshwar Upadhyay who takes Leadership lessons, offered a simple exercise to the class. We had to write in sheets the name of the person whom we like and the reason why we like. It was good experience. I started writing comments about the people who were top-of-my-mind. But as time went by, I felt like writing about everyone…Probably I will send out individual emails to the people who I couldn’t address. The following are the words I received about myself…

I am surprised to see a common theme among most of the comments…

You are a good human being and display an old-world sense of decency!

Your calmness and good spirit

A nice guy. Hardworking & a great friend.

Silent & very nice in heart.

He is simple & extremely helpful

He is pleasant.

Cool. Down to earth.

He is simple and very smart.

Calmness, Composed attitude.

Calm & Composed. Very simple.

Hardworking. Helpful.

Simplicity. Sincerity.

Writing skills (I’ve seen your blog).

Cool behaviour. Ever helpful. His friendly nature. He is my favourite.

Of his sincerity.

Calm presence. Pleasant expressiveness. So many unexpressed traits that may be.

Blog. Decent Chap (?!)

He is down-to-earth.

Humble. Comes across as innoncent and hardworking.

Sober, Serious, no-nonsense nature. Always in formal.

He is calm and composed even during tough times.

He is very simple and keen to discuss. He is kind, emotional and cares a lot about people around him.

Of his cool and calm temperament.

“Ask a Student”

August 23, 05 by Bharani

ISB Admissions committee has created an email Id called “”, where prospective applicants can write to o current students and from this mail id the queries will be forwarded to the concerned student/s for an interaction/reply.

Visit the following link, to know the profiles of students who will be answering your queries. This is a nice mechanism. Whereby all queries will be channelized through a single gate. As time goes by, common queries and answers can be identified and answered through automatic replies. Only difference between Yahoo groups and this is, the queries are not available for others to see. I will suggest them to create a web page for recent queries and answers posted.

This is a nice initiative, I hope prospective applicants can benefit from this through a faster and relevant response.

Entrepreneurship Class.

August 22, 05 by Bharani

I like this Professor Ramakrishna Velamuri. First, he brings in Indian cases for analysis. Second, he invites people from the respective organization to the class. Third, he handles class participation well.

This kind of approach is a win-win. Professor is exploiting his network and adding value to the class, which no other professor thought about. Class is benefitting by hearing first-hand from the people directly involved in the venture and by clarifying their questions with them. The guests are benefitted because they have spread a good-word about their venture/organization and have created a positive image on the minds of students. Harmony.

He brought in Mr. Amol Karnad of Alacrity Housing and Associate Director of Infosys. Next case is on Mittal Steel Industries. I am not sure if he will bring in somebody from the organization.

More ISB blogs.

August 21, 05 by Bharani

2 new ISB blogs.

Prameet Kamat
Girish Krishnan

The weekend was an absolute bliss! [Sarcasm galore!] Where in the world can we get an oppurtunity to solve cases in 3 different subjects [Corporate Finance, Managerial Accounting, Operations Management]. And parallely come up with a Entrepreneurial Business plan and a write-up which would convince even the most risk-averse Indian wife!

There is an interesting observation in ISB. Two kind of strategies are widely employed by study groups in ISB. First kind tries to solve and work all the cases together. The key reasoning is to learn from each and every case. But considerable time will be lost. The team is individual and individual is team. Second kind of group splits the assignments to individuals. It’s the responsibility of individual to complete the respective assignment. As each individual works only on one assignment, they get time for other activities. The disadvantage is losing out on learning from other assignments. Some people don’t even bother to read the cases! Naturally, People in second kind of group appears to have more time and are more relaxed. I am part of first kind which is slowly transforming into second kind…Natural evolution!

Both BCG and McKinsey were here in Campus to give an introduction to consulting, background of their companies, lifestyle of consultants etc., It was organised in liason with CAS.

I am going to chennai immediately after Term 3 exams. Even though I like this place very much, I badly want to be away from this place, pressure, acads, tension for 4-5 days. So am definitely off this place after exams. I hope to come back fresh…

Talking about exams, I couldn’t believe myself when I saw “A” against DMO in Term 2. As one of the alum said, miracles do happen…The Term 3 exams are just a week away!!! With so much information going inside the brain, I am not sure how much is overflowing and how much is absorbed…There is no time even to do a reality check!! Exams are making things worse…How nice it would be if we have just a Pass/Fail grade.