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I the Absolute…

July 05, 05 by Bharani

Dedicated effort, Excellent insights, Writing talent, clarity of thoughts and more…

When all these are combined together in a single blog, it deserves nice publicity. Yes I am talking about my colleague’s blog Vijay – I the absolute. I am proud to be associated with this guy…

To write so committedly and to give so much thoughts for each and every post is not an easy effort considering his MBA stint at ISB. I guarantee all the readers food for thought in his postings.

I just observed that not many visitors are visiting his site..Just 55 per day…Couldn’t bear this…I am doing my bit for this efforts…Rock on Vijay.

Commanding Heights

July 03, 05 by Bharani

Educational videos and documentaries always have high respect in my heart. When such videos make
complex subjects easy to understand and interesting to learn, it deserves publicity. One such documentary is “Commanding Heights – The battle for the world economy.” Classes 7-10 of Global Economics subject will build on the concepts learnt in this video. It would be very easy to correlate to the book concepts…Nice approach towards teaching. What’s striking about the video is the way it is narrated, the way it is blended with a modern cinematic appeal, the way the concepts are built one upon other…Clap! Clap!

On Markstrat front, we managed to increase net profit and now we are placed 2nd. Also, our product positionings are good and brand awareness is good. We are placed well to compete with 1st team.

Applications for ISB 2006-2007 is open from July 1st. You can access the online application form here. The applications are invited much earlier than previous years. This gives ample time for the applicants to think about their essays and to plan for GMAT etc., Wishing all the applicants success with their efforts.

A likeable energy-sucker called Markstrat…

July 02, 05 by Bharani

Diplomatic Disputes and healthy arguments in teams have the potential to generate lot of energy. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative…Today was one of those days, where my group witnessed both form of energies.

We started our Markstrat ‘Strategic planning’ session yesterday evening 5:30 p.m. and we continued the session till today morning 7:00 a.m! That’s 12 hours of non-stop session(with a break for dinner)…As we are placed in one of the worst performing Firm types, we had to unleash all our street-smartness and employ number-crunching talents to propel our products into the visible area of market share chart! Given that we managed to achieve a Zero net contribution in the previous period, our tasks were cut out..Our only consolation was that 5 out of 11 competing firms had negative net contribution!

A team relationship that doesn’t witness any quarrels or disputes is too shallow. The one which goes through quarrels and heated disputes developes a strong bonding. We fell in to the second category today…Everyone did good job. But special credit to R, who showed lot of commitment and enthusiasm, inspite of being the youngest member in the team. We allotted R the role of CEO! Rest of us took product manager roles…We had 5 products and each of us took the responsibility of one product. K was busy employing his ‘regression’ skills and came up with a model that will predict future values…M, G, myself and A were busy throwing ‘fundas’ on the table while worrying about the future of our products..In the middle of the session, there was some kind of ’situation’ and we had to relocate to new place for further discussions. Sorry G for what happened today…In the end, we managed to come up with decisions. Now fingers crossed!

The amount of learning that we obtained today was enormous. As Prof. Raju said, it’s good to be in-charge of worst performing firm. That’s where the considerable learning comes from…When such a crisis situation is combined with too much energy in a team, the situation could be too demanding… You not only have to come up with ideas but you have to convince others…that’s where the energy drain happens…But it’s all in the game! Good session in the end…