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What personality type?

June 16, 05 by Bharani

Couldn’t restrain from taking this test, posted by Ramki…

The following are my results:
What Personality type?

What Classic movie are you?

Which would you prefer: Comfort or Pain?

June 15, 05 by Bharani

Over the past few weeks, many people have asked me about why I disclose personal things and feelings..and whether I am not concerned about what image it creates on others minds…Fair question..But I have never thought about these things till now..I mean, I was not conscious about those…but now I am beginning to…

Infact, many of my colleagues read my blog and I meet them regularly, so I can’t say onething in my blog and do another thing in real life…It will be false preaching..Best thing to do is to convey the truth and to follow the honest path…which I have been following so far…

Also, over the past few weeks, the number of unique visitors to my blog per day has gone up to 240. All these have made me a bit conscious now-a-days…So the comfort that I was receiving in the blog is also under pressure!

I am undergoing various emotions and feelings daily..Most of the things that I am trying to do is not working out here..If you are not mentally tough, you can easily get into mental disintegration. It has become a regular habit for me to smile and laugh internally whenever I am caught in embarassing or demotivating situations..It sort of helps to relieve the pressure!

If god gives me two options: “Ability to cruise smoothly” and “Valuable lessons through failures and painful transformation”, I would choose option 1 involuntarily. But if I give a second thought, I will choose option 2. Realistically and sanely, I sense a lot of value in option 2. I got to keep my existing strengths while acquiring new ones!…So when I am gifted that boon here in ISB why should I complain? I think I have got my answer…

One-year in ISB also provides us an oppurtunity for lot of self-tuning and self-introspection…Another benefit of this one-year intensive MBA.

Term 2 begins…

June 14, 05 by Bharani

Term 2 classes have started. We had session on Global Economics and Competitive Strategy. Interesting subjects both of them. The subject Global economics is of great practical relevance.

As we have progressed to Term 2 so have the workload. This term workload is high. Each subject has 3-4 group assignments. We also have individual case write-ups. We have homework assignments. Finally, we have THE STAR of Term 2, “Markstrat”. It’s a marketing simulation game. This is what Markstrat website has to say about the software:

“This marketing simulation is designed for teaching strategic marketing concepts and to assist companies in their efforts to create market focused strategies. It incorporates theories of market and competitive behavior. Users are grouped into teams that are in direct competition in the simulated world. The teams will confront marketing problems, and develop and implement strategies over as many as 12 simulated years.” []

Each study group will be assigned 2 products in a specific industry. The group has to brainstorm and come up with innovative marketing strategies, while guessing and countering the efforts of other groups. The legacy says this is a highly addicitive exercise and will take up most of our time in this term. I am expecting atleast 4-5 allnighters!!

As the professors for Marketing Decision making [The fabulous professor Mr. Jagmohan Raju] and Decision Models and Optimization [Mr. Anjani Jain, Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Graduate Division] are coming down only next week, we have only one class per day during this week. Upcoming weeks will compesate for this. We will be having 3 classes [one of the weekdays] during term and we will be having classes on Friday too!

There are pre-readings to do for each class [so 3 pre-readings] and we have group assignments and individual assignments to do after the class. True to ISB’s intensity level…

Diary 14th June 2005

June 14, 05 by Bharani

Received my marks on Managerial Economics (Term 1). It was a disappointing score. Well, I expected this…

Nothing much to write today…

Formula 1 on Big Screen!

June 12, 05 by Bharani

Formula 1 on Big Screen!

Thanks to a colleague here, we would be able to watch Formula 1 – Canadian Grand prix on big screen tonight. Kingfisher is sponsoring the screening. Word is that Kingfisher is also sponsoring free beer! Cool…

As the Term break has come to an end, it’s time to get back to studies..As usual there are 100’s of pages to be read. There is also a case on “Coke Vs Pepsi – Cola wars” to be discussed during the first class on Competitive Strategy.

I had problems with my Airconditioner in my room here. 2 weeks back, while I was sleeping, there was a heavy downpour on my face…I woke up surprised and was looking for the source of water! The airconditioner [directly above my bed] in my room was happily letting out whole lot of water…My whole desk, chair, bed was completely wet. Even the telephone, books were wet [Luckily my laptop was away]. I called up the maintenance and the problem was rectified soon…2 days back, when I came back from my bathroom, I was shocked to see the downpour again..This time my laptop was wet :-( …Luckily, it was working…I lodged a complaint to the service manager here..They said they will rectify this problem asap..Now-a-days I am placing my laptop inside the Table drawer, when it is not in use!!

I have classes in the afternoon for this term [2:30 – 7:00].

Cooling off…

June 10, 05 by Bharani

The cooling off period continues…

Yesterday played Squash, Badminton, Table tennis. Watched a film “Beautiful mind”. Portrays the life of John Nash [remember “Nash Equilibrium”?] beautifully. Also watched couple of Tamil films.

I went out to City today along with my quadie Abhinav. Indianblogger had invited us for a dinner in Malgudi [South Indian restaurant]. We had a good time. Thanks B for great dinner…

Came back and watched the film “12 Angry men”. Now, this film made my day! This is a 1957 classic about 12 jurors sitting in a single room, on a hot day, arguing about the guilt or non-guilt of an 18-year old boy, who is accused of murdering his father. What is stunning about this film is there is no camera tricks or visuals, but just intense discussion that happens among the 12 jurors. This is a great lesson for a group discussions, leadership, emotions etc., Infact some MBA colleges use this as a part of their soft-skill development programme! I already read about this movie from Indianblogger’s post. A MUST WATCH! I am planning to buy the DVD of this film in near future…

The seating arrangment of Term 2 is released. I am in third row in this term..I like the location.

I think I will have to start preparing for next term from tomorrow. I also need to do some work on Career front.

Term break…

June 09, 05 by Bharani

Term break has engulfed students. Library, Atrium, Academic centres – places which are filled with students during the Term are totally empty. Even Dining halls and Cafes – regular hangout places are relatively empty…Well, where are the students? Most of them are visiting nearby places like Hyderabad, Secundarabad, Golconda, Punjagutta etc., either for hang-out or to shop. Recreation centre is another place where you can find students.

Yesterday, there was Water polo played in the ISB Swimming pool. Since the ISB swimming pool is just 5 feet deep, knowledge of swimming is not necessary unless you are less than 5 feet! There will be match today! Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash are other sports which keeps students busy…

Today, a film “Alexander” will be screened in Khemka Auditorium. Khemka auditorium is a huge hall with state-of-the-art technologies. Boasts very good acoustics and speaker system too..Since the whole ISB campus was constructed just 5 years ago, the auditorium and lecture halls are hi-tech…

I have been playing Table tennis and watching DVD’s. Rest of the time I have been chatting and sleeping.

Term 1 – Summary

June 07, 05 by Bharani

As promised, here’s the summary of Term 1:

Subjects covered:

1. Managerial Economics
2. Financial Accounting
3. Marketing Management
4. Business Statistics.

The description of the courses can be read here.

Professors who took the subject:

1. Mark Finn [Accounting]
2. Scott Ward [Marketing]
3. Robert A. Stine [Business Statistics]
4. Richard Waterman [Business Statistics]
5. Asim Ansari [Marketing] | Link 2
6. Amit Bubna [Economics]

Mode of Evaluation:

1. Managerial Economics:

Take-home assignments: 4 assignments in total, one/week. Weightage 40%
Surprize Quizzes*: 3. Weightage: 10%
End-term Examinations: Closed-notes, closed-book Examination. Weightage: 50%

* One or two objective type questions needs to be answered in the very beginning of the class, on a randomly chosen day. The question will be shown for 90 seconds. Those who arrive to the class by 2-3 minutes late will miss the quiz and thereby stand to lose the marks!

Skills required: Ability to deal with equations; Visualize graphs; Basic math skills with emphasis on differentiation.

2. Marketing Management:

Case-Studies: 4 total; 2 individual case studies and 2 group case studies.
Only the group case studies will be evaluated. Weightage: 40%
End-term Examinations: Open-notes, Open-book, Laptop allowed. Weightage: 60%

Skills required: Good at Numbers; Ability to communicate your thoughts effectively in writing;

* This course was taught by two professors. First 5 lectures were taken by Scot ward and remaining 5 was taken by Asim Ansari.

3. Business Statistics:

Mid-term: 40% [Objective type: 30 questions]
End-term examinations: 60% [Objective type: 37 questions]

Skills required: Basic statistics, Good at Numbers, Ability to model problems to equation.

* This course too was taught by two professors. First 5 by Robert Stine and later 5 by Richard Waterman.

4. Financial Accounting:

Group-Assignment: 40%
End-term Examinations: 60% [Combination of objective and financial statements analysis. Open-book, open-notes, laptop]

Skills required: Good at Numbers.

As you can see, there are various modes involved and one needs to adapt different strategies for each case. It’s absolutely imperative to be part of good study group [or make your study group rock!], as considerable portion of assignment are group-assignments. Overall, this term was quant-heavy.

Learnings: LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN in the classes. If one just does this, he is 70% through. Take notes actively. I realized the importance of the notes, when I was preparing for examinations. Most of the questions in examinations are based on the class lectures. It’s best to go prepared to the class. Ideal strategy would be “pre-read, listen actively, post-read“. This cycle ensures that the concept registers in the mind deeply and that no further reading is needed on this topic…I will DEFINITELY try to achieve this in the next term…Not to ace the exams, but to effectively maximize learning in minimum possible time. As the course progresses, we need to spend more time on Career-oriented activities and projects.

Another key learning: “SLEEP for 6 hours minimum“. Lack of sleep reduces the concentration level in class. Reduced concentration means losing out on concepts. This leads to back-log. The back-log only accumulates and never depreciates…So SLEEP is essential…

Hope this post was useful!


June 07, 05 by Bharani

All Exams are over and out! Compared to yesterday’s performance, my performance today was way way better! I think I have done well both in Statistics and especially Marketing..[I simply loved the paper..only problem being lot of calculations, so at one point of time, hand was paining!]..General feeling among the public about today’s exams is same! So the ‘relative’ grading will play its role again!

It feels so wonderful to be free, after week long studying (or should I say Slogging!)…We have a break of 5 days. Term 2 starts on Monday. Quite a few people are going home. I could see some people bringing in their luggages with them for examination hall! Most of us are staying back…

For next 3 days I am going to relax completely..Now I am confused as to how to spend the free time..Sleep will be given #1 priority..Rest of time will be spent watching movies, playing sports, catching up with friends etc.,

Before we could realize, Term 1 has come to an end..Looks like I landed here only yesterday! Hmm…as Sujayath said, it’s really MBA at the speed of light! We are 12.5% through with ISB-PGP program…

Economics and Accounting…

June 06, 05 by Bharani

Both Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting were tougher than expected.

Financial Accounting was an open-book, open-notes, laptop-allowed examination. But Prof. Mark Finn clearly warned in the class that this is all a Zero-sum game. Guess what, the examination paper was very tricky, and my performance was not satisfactory…No matter how much notes, how much resource you have, you cannot solve the question paper, unless you have practiced well before…Well, I took heart from that fact that even Chartered Accountants found it tough…and word is that one of the CA couldn’t balance!

After finishing the exam at 1 p.m, had to take quick lunch and get ready for another googly, in the form of Managerial Economics, at 2:30. This was a closed-book, closed-notes exam. This exam too was tougher, with severe time-crunch. Again not-so-satisfactory performance…:-(

When we came out of the examination hall, there was a heavy rain and wind. Even gods were protesting the tough standards of question paper!!

With another 2 exams on Tuesday, I cannot afford to relax…so slept for 30 minutes and started another marathon…I have been reading only Statistics so far…God knows what will happen with Marketing…