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Diary 29th April 2005

April 29, 05 by Bharani

I had my Group Dynamics Session today. Two study groups were asked to discuss together on a topic given. The entire discussion was video recorded and reviewed back. The analysis and observations from the video were helpful to an extent. We need to have more of such sessions to really see some benefits.

I collected my trial lens today. It fits perfectly and vision is very crisp. I have a cylindrical error in vision. So I have to wear torric(?) lens. Now, I am happy with the lens. Will have to wear full day tomorrow and try it out.

Series of presentations happened today. “How to survive academic pressure?”,”How to ace I-Banking interviews?”, “Sports club and music club”, “Placement committee reports” etc., were presented. One of the presentations was presented by Siddarth Sinha, he is supposed to join as COO of some firm (Apollo hospitals? I am not sure). His gyaan and presentation style was impressive. To my knowledge, he was the only person who received a standing ovation and long-lasting applause among all other presenters. Amazing composure..

Tonight, we the class of 2006 are throwing a big party to the class of 2005. The alums have taken lot of efforts in preparing presentations and providing clarifications on all aspects of ISB. They were of very valuable help. In recognition of their commendable efforts and appreciation of their tremendous help, we are providing them unlimited supplies of you-know-what today..As usual danced exactly for 1 hour and came back. Have classes tomorrow morning.

I have to catch up quite a few pending work tommorrow. Definitely, reading the class materials is the number one priority tommorrow.

The place is rocking with disco beats as I am writing this, right next to my room! Boom..boom..boom…hope this puts me to sleep.

Forgot to call home yesterday and didn’t call today :-( Definitely the first job tommorrow is to call home..


April 28, 05 by Bharani

I had my team-building activity today. It was conducted by a Professional group from Hyderabad. They split around 80 odd people into batches of 9. Each batch was asked to undergo 3 activities. It was a great fun, and helped us to know more about each other. There was an exercise to remember the names of other guys. I managed to remember almost all of them! Cool…

All the team-activities were recorded in Video and shown to us later. The facilitator correlated the happenings to the real-world corporate scenarios. It was a good learning experience.

There are loads of readings assigned for the first class. Around 300 odd pages needs to be read for the first day. I have started reading from today.

Now, I know around 220+ names and faces in ISB. Still 130 more to go!! Well, I will not worry about that, things will iron out automatically…

To be honest, I was really overwhelmed and overly worried about the competition here. By doing that, I am easily losing my focus and purpose here. So, Every now and then, I am taking one step back and looking at the bigger picture and checking my situation. Comparing to some people here, I am lagging in interpersonal skills. I have a perception about inter-personal skills, and I am trying to live up to that. The best thing is the ability to recover fast and ability to learn from mistakes is deeply embedded in me, and definitely that will carry me further when chips are down..I have set some goals in the inter-personal skills front and will work towards that. This is too early to discuss such things, but that’s me…..

Another one!

April 27, 05 by Bharani

Found another blog…Boy o boy…this is getting interesting…blogging is definitely becoming a dominating media!!! Happy to see lot of bloggers in ISB..

UPDATE: Ramkumar sent me his blog address.

Diary 26th April 2005

April 26, 05 by Bharani

One of the ISB’s flagship course, as part of PGP, is the Leadership Development Programme [shortly called as LDP]. LDP spans 3 terms and will cover all aspects of soft skills like Personality analysis, Listening, Group Dynamics, Presentation Skills, Meeting skills etc., The group discussions will be recorded in video and will be used for improvement and identifying areas of improvement. The course started off with MBTI personality type analysis. I had already blogged about MBTI.

Coming to the academics front, the number of students this year is 27 higher than expected. According to official explanation, the yield has been higher this year [up from 75% to 77%]. Which means, the classroom needs to be fitted with extra seats. A lecture theatre here can hold 80 students. The seating arrangements are also fixed for those 80 students. Due to the increase in strength, around 6-7 extra seats needs to be fitted in each classroom. These seats will not have LAN slots and power slots. In an effort to comfort the students, management has come up with a smart idea. To give away Rs.10,000 to students who volunteer to take those seats. If many people volunteer, the allocation will be done on lot basis! Now there is demand for those seats ;-) ..If I get Rs.10,000 per term extra, then why not opt for those seats!!!

Slowly the sense of community is building among ISB students. There will be strong bonding as the Terms progress.

Nothing much to blog now-a-days..You can follow the fellow blogger’s post to get more details of day-to-day happenings in ISB. We are planning to have a blogger’s meet in ISB. We will brainstorm as to how to effectively channelize the energy and enthusiasm of ISB bloggers, towards increasing the awareness of ISB in India.

Diary 25th April 2004

April 24, 05 by Bharani

The second and final batch of students have registered to ISB. The total number of students this year is around 340. Large number!

I went to Punjakutta, a nearby city on Saturday along with 3 other friends. It’s a decent shopping center and everything is available there. I purchased some stationeries and groceries, and went to a optician to re-check my eyes, as I am having some problems again.

I also signed up for a post-paid cellphone connection from IDEA.

Quite a few alums are in the campus for the orientation week. Everyone is easily approachable and attentive to our questions. The alumnus of ISB is one of the best factors. Everyone is eager to contribute to the school and make ISB a global brand. They rock!! cheers to them..With so many impressive guys in the corporate world, our placement season will be definitely better.

Wild dancing and drinking parties have been organized for yesterday and today. I missed the party yesterday, so went to the party today. Even though I didn’t drink, I Danced wildly for around 1 hour and came back…FUN, FUN, FUN…Now, these parties are yet another distraction that I have to fight with. Striking a balance is the key..

Orientation week starts tommorrow. Leadership development programmes, Team-building activities, Talent shows, Welcome dinner, loads of presentations and Q&A sessions awaits us. The most awaited session is on CAS. Everyone is raring to ask questions about placements during that session. The published statistics doesn’t paint a true picture, so hoping to get an accurate picture soon.

We will be getting access to alumni database soon. Eagerly waiting for that.

Diary 22nd April 2005

April 22, 05 by Bharani

Accounting Pre-terms have come to an end. I really liked the subject. The professor was excellent, knowledgeable and very passionate in teaching.

Played volleyball for sometime in the evening.

People have already started forming groups. The groups are mainly based on some relevance like same company, same college, same place etc., I think each one will be part of a core group, a support group, a group to lean your shoulder on when you are down. You need it.

Today the fourth roommate for our apartment arrived. He is VinGmat, who has 780 in GMAT! He is a blogger as well!

Bought the books required for First term today. Total expense came to around 1500 Rupees. Signed up for ICICI Life time free credit card, with limit of Rs.75,000/=. I will get it in 21 days time.

My digital camera has arrived. It’s Canon A95. I will shoot some shots on the beautiful campus.

Yet another blog..

April 21, 05 by Bharani

One more ISB Blog..

Blog of the day!

April 21, 05 by Bharani

Blogstree India has listed my site as the “Blog of the day” :-)

Diary 20th April 2005

April 20, 05 by Bharani

The pre-term in Introductory Accounting is very interesting and addictive. We have been given some homeworks in pre-term too!! Well, lots and lots of questions and doubts in mind..If I take the book, and search for explanations it might take years to find answers..So, I sought the help of my good apartment mate G, who is a CA. He gave some very good insights and, bingo..we were able to solve and understand the balance sheets in a better and much quicker way.

My other apartment mate A, is IT guy, and he is more like me, gadget-lover, calm and reserved. We both worked together to solve the assignments given today. After completing it, we verify it with G, and he will provide more insights. So far so good. I am happy with my quadmates. Waiting for the 4th person .

This time, there are lot of females (around 80) and almost all of them are good-looking. I am not flattering, it’s the reality. The guys are not less in anyway, there are some hot guys around too..Definitely a colourful and brilliant batch.

I met with some of the yahoo group friends and good to meet them in person. I was happy to see my name more familiar amoung fellow admits. Blogs and activity in yahoo groups has helped gain that visibility.

Spent some time in ISB fitness center for the first time. Gym facilities are sufficient. Swimming pool is just 5 feet deep, so I can safely jump and learn swimming. Need to buy swimming trunks soon.

The week-ahead is tightly packed with orientation and lots of presentations. The orientation week will be more fun though. After that, the roller coster ride starts!

One more blog.

April 20, 05 by Bharani

I found this blog while searching for ISB blogs..Nice one..