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Alumni talk – Summary.

January 31, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday I talked with couple of ISB alumnis situated overseas. It was insightful talk. During the conversation, I came to know that some of the students received sign-on bonus. Some even pursuaded the companies to pay the interest for the loans! Proof of Negotiation skills!!

Now, my doubt. Does ISB consider all these(sign-on, loan repayment etc.,), while calculating the average salary? Did any of the current students received any such fringe benefits?

Some key views:

1. Only 4 hours of classes are held per day (that too only 4 days per week). All the remaining time is loaded with assignments etc., A sleeping time of 7-8 hours per day is achievable if you prioritize accordingly. Some spend hours in chatting, parties, watching television etc., If you think you can sacrifice those things for one year in ISB, you can recharge your body through out the year. But there is a catch. Most of the assignments are group assignments. So we have to go by the group’s sleeping pattern. The Gold medalist of that batch went to bed at 11 and got up at 6 and she achieved what she wanted. The person who talked with me slept only 4-5 hours per day, and he decided to socialize and party much and interestingly he landed a lucrative job in Goldman Sachs that too with highest salary in his batch.

2. Library facility is nothing short of phenomenal. Name what and you will have resources, books for that topic. For example, a big section is allocated for just “Interview preparation”! Sad thing is we will not have time to utilize the amazing facility to full extent.

3. Don’t be too focussed about what role you want[job]. Have some broader plans and backup plans.

4. If it’s possible to get a sabbatical from company[join back after one year], get it. You will be able to negotiate the package with new companies, with confidence [that you have a confirmed offer in your hand].

5. Shared accomodation means shared bathroom facilities too ! No Attached bathrooms in bedroom[Just wanted to clarify it]

6. Don’t worry about Resumes and placements from day 1. Spend time in understanding the concepts and knowing your batchmates for the first 4 core terms. Start the preparation for placements from October.

7. In Class participation, there will be shy persons (like me :-) , interestingly the alumni was also a shy person, though i can’t believe it), there will be tight persons (rigid in views and one who comments “Kyaa bakwaas bhaat kar rahe ho??” kind) and there will be dilute persons (one who just talks for the sake of talking). In the end each and every view is unique. After all that’s the view point right?? So feel free to express your opinion and don’t get offended by laughters and comments…You will learn to enjoy it once you understand it.

I can remember only the above points. And there were some personal talks based on profile etc., Planning to speak with couple of Alumni in the upcoming weekend. Will update more.

Faculty List 2005-06

January 31, 05 by Bharani

Some of the admitted students have already received the information CD from Indian School of business. One of them was kind enough to upload the Faculty list for the first 4 “Core-terms“.

Term 1 & 2
Term 1 & 2

Term 3&4

Impressive! That’s the only word I can say now.

Driving Licence.

January 29, 05 by Bharani

I scheduled my lessons with Driving school yesterday. Following is the tentative schedule:

Feb 14 15:00-17:00
Feb 15 15:00-17:00
Feb 17 12:00-14:00
Feb 21 15:00-17:00
Feb 22 15:00-17:00
Mar 01 08:00-10:00
Mar 04 10:15-12:15
Mar 04 12:15-02:15 [Practical Examination]

Looks pretty much tight schedule..The success rate is less than 50% here in Belgium. Many people pull it off only 2nd time. Let me see if I can pull off. In case I pass, I can get my licence before March 15th. Belgian Driving licence is accepted almost all over the world, including Australia, Canada, UK, european countries, USA, Japan etc.,

Will I be able to take away some useful thing when I leave, let me wait and see..

The total fees is coming to around 1200 Euros as against initial estimate of 950 Euros. So need to get the excess money from my company!

Solving Hindu Crosswords in PC!

January 28, 05 by Bharani

I have started working out Hindu Crosswords for past 3 weeks. I can honestly say, it is very effective and educative hobby. You get to enhance your English vocabulary, learn new facts, places, personalities etc., Solving Hindu Crossword is two part. First you have to straighten the cryptic clue. Once you have the clue, you have to apply the clue and arrive at the final answer. Right now, I am able to get only 5 or 6 answers right. It’s not easy to solve the entire crossword..One of my friend’s dad has been solving Crossword for 20 years and even he finds it difficult to complete the crossword! If you manage to complete the crossword you can pat yourself on the back as you are one among the very few crossword experts…

I was wondering if it is possible to try out those Hindu Crosswords in PC. I looked around and found that it’s possible. But it will take 2-3 minutes of your time daily to make it PC compatible. I like to fill, erase and try out different combinations. With PC it becomes much more easier.

1. Download and Install Across Lite in your PC. It’s free.
2. Join the “thehinduxword” yahoogroups.
3. Go to their File section and download a file “” with a description “Why I make my own X-word”.
4. Follow the instructions in the file and you will be fine.

hindu crossword - small
Click to see bigger picture.

Alternatively, email me and I will send the files to you. If anyone know about free file hosting, Let me know. I can upload the files, so that others can download from my site.

Confirmation payment.

January 27, 05 by Bharani

I sent the DD from my bank to ISB some days back. Today I called up the admission committee and they haven’t received anything yet. Looks like postals were not delivered on Tuesday due to some local holiday and yesterday was republic day. So I am expecting the DD to reach by today or tomorrow. Thinking about this all day now. Adcom promised to send an email as soon as they receive the DD.

UPDATE: Admission committee updated me on receipt of DD.

Diary Jan-26-2005

January 27, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday was rather ordinary day. Inspite of my efforts to cheer myself up, I ended up dull.

Lessons learnt:

1. Don’t talk rubbish, even if you want to do it intentionally.
2. Generally I don’t like listeners constantly sidetracking from the main issue. I can bear it to some extent. But not perpetually. It gives you a feeling that you are talking unworthy things. If someone sidetracks, just stop talking and look at their eyes. Don’t lose cool.
3. Praise graciously. Don’t be stingy. [I am generally a good praiser, but sometimes I am unable to do it].

ISB Faculty.

January 26, 05 by Bharani

Yesterday, I was browsing through the list of Faculty (visiting & permanent) of Indian School of Business. The list is quite impressive. Following are the list of schools from which professors visit ISB to deliver the course.

Wharton School of Management
Kellogg School of Management
Columbia Business School
Carlson School of Management
Anderson School, UCLA
Stern School of Business
University of Illinois, Chicago
Georgia Tech
Queen’s School of Business, Canada
Darden Graduate School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
Marshall School of Business, South California
IESE Business School, Spain
London Business School

All these professors are well-respected in their fields, have published numerous papers, books etc., have won many awards and are serving in presitgious posts like Vice Dean, Co-Chair, Director MBA programs etc., But it was surprising to note that most of them are Indians. Every one has amazing educational backgrounds. Important is that, these professors are excellent pedagogies, which can be substantiated by numerous teaching awards and fact of being elected by students as best professor in their respective colleges.

ISB did a best thing by following the Visiting Faculty model. I believe that learning from Best professors enhance your learning and understanding of the subject. As John Hammond (played by Richard ottenborough) says in Jurassic park, “No expenses spared!”. No compromises has been made on teaching. The permanent faculty strength in ISB is also on the rise.

Google Video

January 25, 05 by Bharani

Google is unleashing yet another creative idea. Search on Videos. Read the full story to find what inspired this venture.

Touching stories..

January 25, 05 by Bharani

The following article & images from made my day. I salute these little bravehearts. No wonder they will be paraded in caparisoned elephants. They deserve it and the national attention they receive, will provide a never-ending supply of energy and motivation to succeed in their lives.

bow tie for exams??

January 25, 05 by Bharani

I was reading the Business Week insider article, summarizing the interview with Stephen Chambers, Oxford. Here’s the final question thrown to him..

How do U.S. students like Oxford?

A: What they tend to rave about is twofold. This bsiness school is a department of a major university, so you can associate with physicists, lawyers, and historians from outside the business school. You also get the chance to attend an 800-year-old institution, which inspires an amazing amount of loyalty. You have to wear a white bow tie for exams and a gown for dinner, and people love that.

Wearing a Bow-tie for exam and gown for dinner is not my cup of tea! But it is interesting though..Hope ISB doeesn’t have any such practices :-)


Some excerpts from the Interview with Steve Canale,General Electric

Q: What do you look for in an employee?
A: We’re going to the top schools, so we’re already pretty confident that these people are sharp and have the right credentials and aptitude. What we’re looking for is cultural fit, people who are willing to learn and don’t have huge egos. GE is a meritocracy. We reward and promote based on performance. People here have to handle change and high growth. To fit in, you have to articulate your ideas well and be able to span the different organizations of the company.

Q: Are the pay packages you’re offering now more competitive than they have been recently?
A: They’ve always been competitive. But in general, bonuses and stock options are still down, and salaries only increased about 4% compared with last year. MBA recruiting has picked up a bit in another way: Instead of having one or two job offers, MBAs now have three, four, or five.

Q: What advice would you offer an MBA who wants a job at GE?
A: Don’t be as concerned about getting a job as you are about getting the right one. You need to know where your heart and passion lie. One commonly made mistake is to think of things too broadly without realizing exactly what you want to do. For example, if we’re interviewing someone for a sales and marketing post in the ECLP and he tells me he’s interviewed for finance and Wall Street jobs, I am a little bit suspicious.

Q: What skills do most MBAs need to improve?
A: GE has set a very high bar on integrity, ethics, and governance. A lot of the schools have sharpened their focus on those areas because of the problems over the last few years in Corporate America. We welcome those efforts.

Q: What’s the one thing that an MBA can do to impress you?
A: It’s very nice to get an e-mail or, in some cases, a written letter expressing interest in your company or asking additional questions. I like the idea of someone going out of his [or her] way to link back to the company and say, “Hey, General Electric, I really appreciate your time,” as opposed to treating it as just one more interview. It sounds basic, but it’s amazing how many people don’t do it.