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Have your say on my blog..

November 30, 04 by Bharani

I would like to hear your opinions/feedback/suggestions towards improving my blog. This column is completely yours..Feel free to leave your opinions here, I will take everything constructively.

Cranfield happenings.

November 28, 04 by Bharani

The following link lists the day-to-day life in Cranfield reported by students. Worth looking, if you would like get a flavour of MBA and definitely worth looking, if you are considering Cranfield for the upcoming academic year.

ISB Best Blog Competition to a grand finish.

November 25, 04 by Bharani

With topsy-turvy google rankings and participation of heavy weights like Aravind, Sumit, Nilesh, it was destined for my website to lose the winning position in the Indian Best Business School Blog Competiton. Yes, after sustaining the 2nd position for so near yet so far, I lost the position today.

Finally the Pagerank had it’s final say, pushing the ‘freshness’ factor to a secondary category. With less than 24 hours remaining, Arvind and Sumit are all set to win the contest. Congratulations!

Well, I had loads of fun with this competition. Most of the competitors had their blog running for quite long time, so naturally their websites were well linked and page-ranked by google. In that aspect, I am happy that I kept most of them at bay with a relatively new blog which is just 20 days old. I concentrated on essentials like Heading, Title, Key-word density in the page. As against the approach of all other participants, I had outgoing links for all the participants. I call it a true sportsman spirit!!! and not a bad fight at all!

All in all, It was a fun. Now it’s time to remove the phrase “The Best Indian Business school blog”, which has sprung all over my website :-) )..

The results can be viewed here

Microsoft setting up new centre..

November 25, 04 by Bharani

Microsoft is building a huge campus adjacent to Indian School of Business campus. It is planning to hire 100’s in the upcoming 12 months. Microsoft is in my target list, for POST-MBA employement. So this news is a confirmation of my intuition/dream/sense. The close proximity of ISB and Microsoft will help each other.

In last couple of months quite a few big-shots have visited India. IBM Chairman Samuel J.Palmisano, Intel chairman – Craig Barnett and now Steve Balmer,Microsoft. Looks like challenging and creative jobs are coming to India in huge numbers. Management graduates will have ample oppurtunities to harness their studies and potential through these companies. If the current trend continues, then my decision to pursue MBA in India will be justified. Time will answer.

Microsoft to recruit more staff in India

PS: I read this article from Hindu today. In this article, V.K.Menon, Director of Admissions, Indian School of business, talks about the growing number of B-schoolers and how ISB is positioned to serve them and how ISB is established in “experienced peer group” community.

10 Techs That will change our learning ways.

November 25, 04 by Bharani

The following article lists 10 technologies that will change the way we learn…

1. Search technologies
2. Data visualization tools
3. Blogs – Direct publishing and content aggregation tools
4. Audio and video – increased use of audio and video as communication channels for small publishers
5. RSS – content syndication, aggregation, re-use
6. P2P – private and public file sharing networks
7. Unlimited storage – on the desktop and online
8. Unlimited bandwidth – Wifi – WiMax
9. Real Time Collaboration Tools
10. Collective and Collaborative Filtering – human spontaneous cooperative technology like and [A social bookmarking tool]

Some Findings…

November 23, 04 by Bharani

I searched for the phrase “The Best Indian Business school blog” in 4 different search engines. I am happy to see that all 4 search engines place my website in top 6.

The results:

The Best Indian Business School Blog [4]

The Best Indian Business School Blog [2]

The Best Indian Business School Blog [2]

The Best Indian Business School Blog [6]

But what matters in the end is “Google“.

Am back in Contention!

November 23, 04 by Bharani

Atleast I am back in Contention. Today, the site administrators tooks some special care based on my multiple requests, to fix the URL. As expected my website, “The Best Indian Business School blog”, went down the ranking. Credits to the site downtime.

Now, I feel like the Indian team achieving a vital breakthrough in the opposition team. I am hoping that my strike bowlers [strategies] will earn an unlikely victory to me :-) . Fingers crossed! 2 days to go!!!!

But the competition has generated quite an amount of interest, as evident from the number of sites turning up in google for the phrase “Best Indian Business school blog”. It is turning out to be a classic thriller like India-pakistan match.


November 21, 04 by Bharani

The website unfortunately crashed due to database problems, and due that my website is not accessible temporarily through the url

But the site administrators are working on the issue. Currently, the blog is accessible through In the mean time, when I checked the google rankings for “Best Indian Business School blog”, I was pleasantly surprised to see that heavyweights nilesh, sumit, prateek are pushed down…But I am hoping that my site downtime doesn’t push me down in the upcoming days! I have certain plans(good cause) for the cash If ever I manage to get…4 days to go..Somedays back I said I was not overly eager..Now I think I am eager to know the result of the competition…

Didn’t I say??

November 19, 04 by Bharani

When I looked at the statistics page of my blog, I found that my page turned first for the query

“How do you define leadership? Take the example of a leader you admire (living or deceased%”

and somebody had come to my website hopefully in search of an answer for that question!!

A Good Post that I found in Yahoogroups.

November 19, 04 by Bharani


“Since a lot of you are starting to gear up for the upcoming round of B-School applications, I thought I might float some tenets to follow:

GMAT is the gatekeeper – crush it, than move on
GMAT is definitely not the end all, be all – a good score guarantees nothing!  So many applicants just don’t seem to understand this
Your story is what will seal the deal – this should be written into all aspects of your app.  Essays are the most important, but it should also come out in your interviews, recommendations, transcript, etc.
Make sure to address all weaknesses – Sounds obvious, but most applicants do a poor job of doing this.  Below avg. GMAT?, better prove you can handle the rigor, Low WE? Show the depth and breadth of experience you’ve had in that time in and out of professional environments.  Go to a no-name undergrad? Give rationale reasoning as to why and prove that you received a top-notch education there.
Interview with passion – Prove to the adcomm that their school is #1 and that you’re going to impact the world based on your education there
Apply early – Be a shark and go round 1 across the board, submit round 2 if your apps aren’t quite ready.  Regardless, never submit at the deadline – go at least 1 week earlier
Coach recommenders – Give them sample recommendations, your gameplan so they can tie into your story and make sure they tailor the reco to the school
Apply to schools based on fit and never apply to a school you wouldn’t attend – There actually a fair number of people who will apply to a safety and decide not to go.  Why’d you apply there in the first place?  Figure out what schools fit with your needs and apply to those – don’t get caught up in the race for prestige
Visit the campuses of your top schools – Nothing beats being able to write that you sat in class, talked to students/profs.  It shows committment, plus you’ll get a good feel for the school.  Yes, there are differences.
Community service & extra-curricullars are a must – Some top schools are known to ding on this basis alone”