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10 Techs That will change our learning ways.

November 25, 04 by Bharani

The following article lists 10 technologies that will change the way we learn…


1. Search technologies
2. Data visualization tools
3. Blogs – Direct publishing and content aggregation tools
4. Audio and video – increased use of audio and video as communication channels for small publishers
5. RSS – content syndication, aggregation, re-use
6. P2P – private and public file sharing networks
7. Unlimited storage – on the desktop and online
8. Unlimited bandwidth – Wifi – WiMax
9. Real Time Collaboration Tools
10. Collective and Collaborative Filtering – human spontaneous cooperative technology like del.icio.us and FURL.net [A social bookmarking tool]

POP Access for GMail.

November 12, 04 by Bharani

Gmail has introduced “Pop Access” and “Email Forwarding” features. Here’s what it has to say…

“It’s your mail. You should be able to choose how and where you read it. Access your mail the way you want to, with free POP access and automatic forwarding. You can even switch to other email services without having to worry about losing access to your messages. Think of it as email portability.”