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P2W2 – Online Marketplace for Services

August 03, 08 by Bharani

P2W2 is an online marketplace for accountants, writers, graphic designers, software vendors, tutors, researchers and other major professional services. P2W2 stands for “People To Work with”!

Who is the target audience?
Small businesses and Individuals can use p2w2 to post project requirements or to bid for the projects.

How it works?
As a services vendor
1. You can create your detailed profile by describing your service offerings, your capabilities, your portfolio, your testimonials etc., Creating a good profile is very important to successfully win the project bids. As a service provider, you need to pay 13 USD or 500 Rupees to create profile.

2. Once you have created a profile, you can search for projects posted on p2w2 and bid for the projects.

3. Once the client is convinced about your profile and your bidding price, client will give a green signal to start the project. P2W2 provides you great tools to manage the project and client communications. Some of the features are sharing files, project tracking and feedback module.

4. Once the project is complete, P2W2 will ensure that the payment is settled between client and the vendor. P2W2 takes a commission of 4.5% of the project value.

As a Buyer of services:
1.You can create your detailed profile by describing your Company information, your capabilities, your portfolio, your testimonials, your credibility etc., There is no cost to create a profile. FREE!

2. You can search for professionals or vendors. Go through detailed profile and initiate contact with shortlisted vendors. P2W2 maintains a track record of vendor performances. Through this history, P2W2 helps buyers to decide on the software vendors.

3. Once the project is started, buyers can track the progress of the project, review the work and assign requirements through P2W2’s tools.

4. Once the project is complete, P2W2 ensures the payment settlement.

Major Features:

* Reputation management:
* Selection Tools:
* Online Project Tracking:
* Payment facility:


* They have launched a voice-enabled service wherein a client can express his requirements through his own voice by audio recording the requirements/feedback. The Vendor then can go through the audio and gather a very good understanding of the client requirements.

P2W2 is founded by ISB alumni. Chaitanya Sagar from Class of 2005 and Amit Mullerpattan from Class of 2006.

Existing Players [Few examples]
elance [www.elance.com]
ebay [www.ebay.com] yes, ebay has a facility to connect buyers and sellers of services.
Guru [www.guru.com]
rentacoder.com [For software services]
and quite a few freelance exchange sites

My Verdict:
The success of an online marketplace is dependant upon the the familiar network-effect. Unless there are more vendors of high quality, there is no real benefit for buyers of services to use this service and vice versa. This whole cycle of building the userbase takes time and good community building strategies. I am not sure about the current status. But cracking this is of utmost importance.

Moreover, weeding through fake profiles, fraudulent buyers and protecting the interests of both parties (buyers and services) is not an easy task. There are lot of security and trust issues to be taken care of.

Services like elance.com is generally considered good for buyers and bad for seller of services. Because sellers compete fiercely on prices and sometimes the prices are close to nothing. This makes it a place to find cheap sellers or service vendors rather than a quality and reliability-based hunting ground. So, P2W2 should focus on quality, reliability, trust and security if they need to create a niche and success. Will have to wait to see how it all pans out…But they have all the right elements in place…Wishing them lot of success

What is your take on P2W2?

Presenting @ Proto.in

January 14, 08 by Bharani

Antya will be one of the 20 products to present/demo in one of India’s premiere start-up showcasing event, PROTO. The opportunity came in at the right time and we look forward to maximize the opportunity. As I hear, it is not easy to get shortlisted! and it makes me feel the gravity of the event…More updates later….

Open Source Consulting…

September 28, 06 by Bharani

Since one of my job roles entails evaluating Open Source technologies, I was wondering if there are any good career options in “Open Source Consulting”. There are some firms doing exactly this.

Organizations world-wide are slowly embracing Open-source solutions as the choice for the enterprise-level IT needs. The challenge, as I already mentioned in one of the posts, lies in evaluating the suitable solutions and Recommending an executable-strategy based on the fit analysis. There should be a deep understanding of each and every open-source offerings across all solution space. Every possible advantage and disadvantage should be captured. The inter-dependencies/synergies/incompatibilites between different open-source technologies should be documented. Best practices in deploying open-source technologies should be arrived at…

Different set of Solutions should be formulated by mixing and matching different technologies. The possibilities are endless, just like in the business of consulting.

As more and more Tech start-ups are cropping up in India, as more and more web 2.0 based companies are coming up everyday, I believe there is good business opportunity for Open-source consulting in India. My thoughts…

Google Search: Open Source Consulting

Tech Analysis by a Strategy Consultant.

September 04, 06 by Bharani


This is another Business-Technology-Entrepreneurship blog that I found today. The blog is maintained by Sramana Mitra, an Entrepreneur and Strategy consultant since 1994. She blends her rich experience with happening tech trends and offers solid content for readers.

She has been writing for 20 years! The lady seems to have great photographic skills too….And yeah, she is a good friend of Om Malik, the person behind the blog Gigaom

Yet another entry to my Technology Blogroll…

Idea Arbitrage 2.0!

August 30, 06 by Bharani

I wanted to dig out a nice blog which talks about new internet-based businesses that are sprouting throughout the world everyday. I am glad I did not have to spend much time…as there are two prominent blogs already addressing this need . TechCrunch, the pioneer in this area and WebYantra, a result of an “idea arbitrage”. For next few days, I am going to catch up with these 2 blogs.

“…TechCrunch, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to new companies, we will profile existing companies that are making an impact on the new web space…”

“…WebYantra is a tech blog that profiles Indian web products and services. It is ‘ground zero’ for Indian web startups, ecommerce websites and internet based businesses……

Webyantra will encompass all the Web2.0 jazz that you lust for – socialweb, mashups, aggregators, filters, RSS, web communities, user generated content et al…It is also about current technology trends like the mobile web, mobile communities, VOIP, SAAS, agile web development, AJAX, et al…Not to leave about pre Web 2.0 stuff like internet search technologies, online payment systems, contextual internet advertising, web services, web browsers etc., etc.,…with an Indian Flavour

The post published by JonathanBoutelle on Webyantra was very insightful. Some snippets from his blog:

“…Many of the Indian Startup companies are simply based on idea arbitrage..”

“…Most Indian tech bloggers seem to be suffering from a Silicon Valley fixation. Check out and you’ll find full of google, yahoo, flickr, youtube etc.,…”

“…But then where is the attempt to initiate a dialogue to improve Indian web products? I am yet to find a single Indian forum that addresses this malaise…”

The “Idea Arbitrage” is a very easy way out to rapidly ramp up a web 2.0 company! Just keep watching the silicon valley and customize it to India. The talent lies in identifying the matching pairs!