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3 Idiots and Chetan

January 07, 10 by Bharani

3 Idiots was a much awaited movie and it definitely lived up to its expectation with such a wonderful screeplay, message and performances. As soon as I came out of the cinema hall after watching the movie, I asked my wife, “Shall we go for the next show too..?”. I eventually didnt, but that was the impact of the movie on me..The Movie is a definite crowd-puller.

I read the book “Five Point someone” around 2005-06. The book was fun-read. Quite liked it and have read all 4 books written by Chetan bhagat since then. 3 Idiots is based on that book! Everyone who have read the book can connect with some scenes in the movie. The movie also gave credit to the author as per the contract, which goes like this:

It shall be obligatory on the part of producer to accord credit to the Author in the rolling credits of any audio-visual moving image software (of any form in any media or medium) produced by the Producer in terms of the exercise and execution of the Rights granted as under:

Based on the novel
Chetan Bhagat

True to the contract, I guess the movie had the rolling credits for the author. All is well ๐Ÿ™‚ So, going by the success of the movie, Chetan wants to grab the limelight. I dont think he has been cheated. He claims that 75% of the movie is based on FPS. But I found lot of new stuff in the movie which was not there in FPS. Most of the comedy scenes which gave life to the movie was not there in the book. The screenplay was very well adapted for the movie.

I personally think Chetan Bhagat is trying to cry foul here and wants to promote his name alongside the movie and clearly making hay while the sun is shining. His name is now known to a larger audience than before! I wonder even if his name was shown in a much highlighted fashion in the beginning of the movie, he would have got the popularity that he has achieved now!! What’s more annoying is the fact that he made couple of posts in his blog stating that he has been cheated and that he is going to fight for the truth and that he is Arjuna and blah…blah…Within few days, he wants to make truce and says he is going to move on and close the issue once for all…What happened to the holy battle of dharma that he said he will wage over these bollywood folks?? Well, I think he lost quite a few fans with those conflicting behaviours exhibited through his blog posts…Bad show Mr. Chetan Bhagat! I will be fan of your books but I lost that ‘good’ impression I had on you…

BTW, do checkout the following link and the video.

25 Reasons why 3 Iditos is not FPS

While this controversy dies down slowly, the power of social media has proven its might in broadening the stage for discussion and debate with everyone chipping in with their views! Just see the site http://www.thefourthidiot.com/ to see for yourself!


October 02, 06 by Bharani

I was searching for Gandhigiri in Google and found this website dedicated for preaching “Gandhigiri”…The website aims at gathering real-life stories of implementing Gandhigiri, at finding a way to protest against an issue and in creating hype around an issue…

LRM has definitely done something positive to the society…During a television news clipping, a journalist was reporting about the rejuvenation of Gandhi and his principles. She was reporting about the growing demand for Gandhian products (Khadi, Gandhi embossed cups,t-shirts,caps etc.,)…

For more than 50 years, not many thought about gandhian principles in real-life..It took just LRM to bring about some change (however minutest/major it is)…It seriously leaves me wondering at the power of “presenting” the message…

Click ‘n’ Lage Raho…!

September 15, 06 by Bharani

Lage Raho Munnabhai

The two movies that I saw this week were entertaining, humorous, philoshopical and touched my heart! LRM (Lage Raho Munnabhai) gave me the reassurance in being honest, forgiving, helpful and a good human being. The world we live today is misanthropic and may not really appreciate these qualities in people. But in the end, it only matters whether one was a good human being or not!

The most powerful weapon presented in the movie is “Gandhigiri”…composed of Silence, non-violence, benevolence and honestness. For me, the instances of Gandhigiri depicted in the movie are the lime-light-grabbers apart from Circuit and Munnabhai. I had a tough time comprehending the Tapori hindi of Circuit though!

Another side-arsenal shown in the movie is ‘Vinamratha’. (The same characteristic, for the lack of which Mumbai was controversially named the Rudest city in the world!). Vinamratha is a quality which many of us exhibit in abundance within the confines of home, relatives, friends. The same quality goes for a toss when we step out of our home…Am talking about the ‘crowd behaviour’ (as correctly pointed out by an article in Reader’s digest)…It takes a ‘movement’ to change this crowd behaviour…The best place to begin is self…

Leave aside Gandhigiri for a moment…Let’s talk about the Universal remote control – A device to control our life. How nice it would be to fast-forward our lives to skip all the sad moments and to ‘pause’ those happy moments? You can skip the moments when you were sick, frustrated, disappointed, cried, suffered and felt mechanical….Wow! that would make life so exciting! But hold on…do you really think so? Then watch “Click”…The real message from the movie is Love your family…Don’t neglect people who love you…Enjoy each and every moment of your life…

LRM…Kal Ahimsa… Aaj Gandhigiri…
Click…Old message delivered humorously!


August 27, 06 by Bharani


As I was skimming through the Business Today and Business World magazines, one
thing caught my attention: The entrepreneurial revolution of sorts happening in India currently, especially on the technology front. The steep rise in the investments received from some of the world’s best VC is a clear indication of the business opportunities, conducive climate, confidence, ideas, talent and entrepreneurial spirit that is abundant in India.

Well…one such internet start-up that I came across is bangalore-based www.Seventymm.com, India’s first online movie rental service. The business model is traditional. Free-delivery, Free-pickup…only change is in the commodity being delivered..Not pizzas..but DVDs/VCDs. But the twist given to the business model is interesting. You can keep the DVD as long as you want which potentially eliminates any late charges..That’s cool…Moreover they deliver two movies at a time.

How about the collection of movies? They have an awesome collection of movies, numbering to almost 10,000 titles and spanning 9 languages.

How about the cost? There is a one-time registration Fee of Rs.499/= and a refundable deposit fee of Rs.999/=. Two plans are on offer today. The Basic plan costs you Rs.199 every month and allows you to borrow 4 movies per month. The Unlimited plan costs you Rs.549 every month and puts no restriction on the number of borrowings. So it works out to Rs.50/ per DVD in the basic plan. If you are a movie aficionado who can watch a movie per day, then the Unlimited plan is a boon (Works out to Rs.18 per DVD)

The marketing gimmick they employ is called “FREE FOR SIX”: You refer 6 friends to join the service and you get movies for free…for ever! Depends on the well-known “Network effect”.

Currently the service is available only in Bangalore. (How I envy the guys living in Bangalore?). Waiting for the day when this service hits Hyderabad…!


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Eight Below

August 26, 06 by Bharani

My flatmate purchased the VCD of this movie recently. I read the Synopsis behind the VCD cover and I convinced myself that this is a movie worth watching and moreover it falls into my interest of “Inspirational movies”. The actual movie overwhelmed me more than I anticipated. The movie is based on a true story about a Sledge dog trainer and his eight sledge dogs. The protagonist is a part of the antartic expedition team. Due to unexpected circumstances, he is forced to leave behind his 8 loyal and brilliant dogs to survive on their own in the brutal Antartic weather. His intention is to come back and rescue the dogs as soon as he can. But it takes him 6 months to manage a comeback to Antartica as no transportation is possible during the 6 cold winter months to Antartica. The story is about how the dogs survive on their own withstanding the extreme conditions. The story is about the determination of the trainer to go back to rescue his dogs….Worth watching. Truly inspirational.

IMDB: Eight below


August 26, 06 by Bharani

Cars is a very nice animation movie. No wonder it was #1 in U.S. Box office for many days. As with all Disney animation movies, there was a strong storyline in the movie. The movie has action, romance, inspiration, drama and loads of humour. The quality of animations is increasing with every movie…This is Disney’s 7th animation movie and one can easily notice the positive evolution in animation standards over the years. Some of the sequences were amazingly realistic and stunning. Cars is a complete entertainment and it is definitely worth watching…

Some interesting snippets about the movie:

– Cars ranks as the top grossing film of the “Cars Racing” genre
– Michael schumacher has given a voice over in the movie (for the Ferrari car that appears towards the end of the movie)!
– Unlike conventional animated cars, the eyes were placed on the windshield (as against the headlights).

“Cars” on Wikipedia